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Lesne, A.[Annick] Co Author Listing * Parametric recurrence quantification analysis of autoregressive processes for pattern recognition in multichannel electroencephalographic data

Lesniak Plewinska, B.[Beata] Co Author Listing * Influence of Polivinylalcohol Cryogel Material Model in FEM Simulations on Deformation of LV Phantom
Includes: Lesniak Plewinska, B.[Beata] Lesniak-Plewinska, B.[Beata]

Lesniak, D.[Dawid] Co Author Listing * Central threat register- a complex system for risk analysis and decision support in railway transport

Lesniewska Napierala, K.[Katarzyna] Co Author Listing * Impact of EU Grants Absorption on Land Cover Changes: The Case of Poland, The
* Impairing Land Registry: Social, Demographic, and Economic Determinants of Forest Classification Errors
Includes: Lesniewska Napierala, K.[Katarzyna] Lesniewska-Napierala, K.[Katarzyna]

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