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Lipa, B.[Belinda] Co Author Listing * Brahan Project High Frequency Radar Ocean Measurements: Currents, Winds, Waves and Their Interactions
* Evaluating HF Coastal Radar Site Performance for Tsunami Warning
* High Frequency (HF) Radar Detection of the Weak 2012 Indonesian Tsunamis
* Tsunami Arrival Detection with High Frequency (HF) Radar
Includes: Lipa, B.[Belinda] Lipa, B.

Lipa, G. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Direct Georeferencing for Photogrammetric Applications on Small Unmanned Aerial Platforms
* Direct Georeferencing on Small Unmanned Aerial Platforms for Improved Reliability and Accuracy of Mapping without the Need for Ground Control Points
* High Accuracy Direct Georeferencing of the Altum Multi-spectral UAV Camera and Its Application to High Throughput Plant Phenotyping

Lipani, A.[Aldo] Co Author Listing * DASyR(IR): document analysis system for systematic reviews (in Information Retrieva
* Multilinear Sampling Algorithm to Estimate Shapley Values, A

Lipari, C. Co Author Listing * Geometric Modeling and Recognition of Elongated Regions in Aerial Images
* Representation and Recognition of Elongated Regions in Aerial Images

Lipari, N.G.[Nicholas G.] Co Author Listing * Contact Geometry and Visual Factors for Vibrotactile-Grid Location Cues
* Handymenu: Integrating menu selection into a multifunction smartphone-based VR controller
* Study of 2D Vibration Summing for Improved Intensity Control in Vibrotactile Array Rendering
* Visual Analytics Using Graph Sampling and Summarization on Multitouch Displays
Includes: Lipari, N.G.[Nicholas G.] Lipari, N.G.

Lipari, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Anti-Aliasing Add-On for Deep Prior Seismic Data Interpolation
* Inpainting-Based camera anonymization
Includes: Lipari, V.[Vincenzo] Lipari, V.

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