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Lizama, E.[Elizabet] Co Author Listing * Patagonian Andes Landslides Inventory: The Deep Learning's Way to Their Automatic Detection
* Understanding Landslide Susceptibility in Northern Chilean Patagonia: A Basin-Scale Study Using Machine Learning and Field Data

Lizarazo, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Image Regions for Quantitative Land Cover Analysis

Lizarbe, B.[Blanca] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Image Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Data Sets: A New Tool for Functional Imaging

Lizarraga Morales, R.[Rocio] Co Author Listing * Local spatiotemporal features for dynamic texture synthesis
Includes: Lizarraga Morales, R.[Rocio] Lizarraga-Morales, R.[Rocio]

Lizarraga Morales, R.A.[Rocio A.] Co Author Listing * Defect Detection on Patterned Fabrics Using Entropy Cues
* Dynamic Texture Synthesis in Space with a Spatio-temporal Descriptor
* Fast texel size estimation in visual texture using homogeneity cues
Includes: Lizarraga Morales, R.A.[Rocio A.] Lizarraga-Morales, R.A.[Rocio A.]

Lizarraga, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * SrvfNet: A Generative Network for Unsupervised Multiple Diffeomorphic Functional Alignment

Lizarraga, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * mobile, lightweight, poll-based food identification system, A

Lizarraga, M.G.[Miguel G.] Co Author Listing * BioEVA: An Evaluation Tool for Biometric Algorithms
* Biometric Personal Authentication Based on Handwritten Signals
* User Authentication through Typing Biometrics Features
Includes: Lizarraga, M.G.[Miguel G.] Lizárraga, M.G.[Miguel G.]

Lizarralde, I.[Inigo] Co Author Listing * What Is the Most Suitable Height Range of ALS Point Cloud and LiDAR Metric for Understorey Analysis? A Study Case in a Mixed Deciduous Forest, Pokupsko Basin, Croatia
Includes: Lizarralde, I.[Inigo] Lizarralde, I.[Iñigo]

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