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Lose, L.T.[Lorenzo Teppati] Co Author Listing * Apple LiDAR Sensor for 3D Surveying: Tests and Results in the Cultural Heritage Domain
* Are Measured Ground Control Points Still Required In UAV Based Large Scale Mapping? Assessing the Positional Accuracy of An RTK Multi-rotor Platform
* Boosting the Timeliness of UAV Large Scale Mapping. Direct Georeferencing Approaches: Operational Strategies and Best Practices
* Documentation of Complex Environments Using 360° Cameras. The Santa Marta Belltower in Montanaro
* Geomatic Contribution for the Restoration Project of the Valentino Castle Green Room. From Data Acquisition to Integrated Documentation
* iPad Pro Built-in Lidar Sensor: 3D Rapid Mapping Tests and Quality Assessment, The
* UAV Photogrammetry and VHR Satellite Imagery for Emergency Mapping. The October 2020 Flood In Limone Piemonte (Italy)
* Underwater Photogrammetry: Potentialities and Problems Results of The Benchmark Session of the 2019 Sifet Congress
Includes: Lose, L.T.[Lorenzo Teppati] Losč, L.T.[Lorenzo Teppati] Losč, L.T.[L. Teppati]
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Losekoot, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Progress in Compact HF Radar Measurement of Bimodal Ocean Wave Parameters

Losel, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * GPU Based Diffusion Method for Whole-Heart and Great Vessel Segmentation, A
Includes: Losel, P.[Philipp] Lösel, P.[Philipp] (Maybe also Loesel, P.)

Loser, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Visual Servoing for Automatic and Uncalibrated Needle Placement for Percutaneous Procedures

Loset, S. Co Author Listing * Ice-Drift Estimation Algorithm Using Radar and Ship Motion Measurements, An
Includes: Loset, S. Lųset, S.

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