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Loupas, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Deep Learning Techniques for Video-based Automatic Recognition of Greek Folk Dances

Loupas, T. Co Author Listing * Improved Contrast-Enhanced Power Doppler Using a Coherence-Based Estimator

Loupasakis, C.[Constantinos] Co Author Listing * InSAR Campaign Reveals Ongoing Displacement Trends at High Impact Sites of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, Greece
* InSAR Greece with Parallelized Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: A National Ground Motion Service for Big Copernicus Sentinel-1 Data
* Investigating the Stability of the Hill of the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, Using Fuzzy Logic and Remote Sensing Techniques
* Land Subsidence Phenomena vs. Coastal Flood Hazard: The Cases of Messolonghi and Aitolikon (Greece)
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) Technique for the Identification and Monitoring of Critical Landslide Areas in a Regional and Mountainous Road Network

Loupian, E.[Evgeny] Co Author Listing * Numerical Modeling of the Ash Cloud Movement from the Catastrophic Eruption of the Sheveluch Volcano in November 1964
* Usage Experience and Capabilities of the VEGA-Science System
* Vega-constellation Tools To Analize Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Loupian, E.[Evgeny] Loupian, E.

Loupias, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Selection of Illustrations for Teaching Image Processing
* Color indexing using wavelet-based salient points
* Evaluation of Salient Point Techniques
* Salient Points for Content Based Retrieval
* Wavelet-based Salient Points for Image Retrieval

Loupos, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Man-Made Object Detection from Hyperspectral Data
* Variational Inference for Background Subtraction in Infrared Imagery

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