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Luck, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Alfalfa Yield Prediction Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery and Ensemble Learning

Luck, B.L. Co Author Listing * Image Model and Segmentation Algorithm for Reflectance Confocal Images of In Vivo Cervical Tissue, An
* Segmenting cervical epithelial nuclei from confocal images using gaussian markov random fields

Luck, J. Co Author Listing * end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An

Luck, J.D.[Joe D.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Object Detection and Patch-Based Classification Deep Learning Models on Mid- to Late-Season Weed Detection in UAV Imagery

Luck, J.P. Co Author Listing * Development and analysis of a real-time human motion tracking system

Luck, L.[Linda] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Variability of Tropical Savanna Tree Structural Allometry with Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Luck, W. Co Author Listing * object oriented data model for a high end land cover classification product, An
Includes: Luck, W. Lück, W. (Maybe also Lueck, W.)

Lucka, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Atomic Super-resolution Tomography
* Enhancing Compressed Sensing 4D Photoacoustic Tomography by Simultaneous Motion Estimation
* Model-Based Learning for Accelerated, Limited-View 3-D Photoacoustic Tomography
Includes: Lucka, F.[Felix] Lucka, F.

Lucke, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * condensed semantics for qualitative spatial reasoning about oriented straight line segments, A
* System for Various Visual Classification Tasks Based on Neural Networks, A
Includes: Lucke, D.[Dominik] Lücke, D.[Dominik] (Maybe also Luecke, D.)Lücke, D. (Maybe also Luecke, D.)

Lucke, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Autonomous cleaning of corrupted scanned documents: A generative modeling approach
* Autonomous Document Cleaning: A Generative Approach to Reconstruct Strongly Corrupted Scanned Texts
* k-means as a variational EM approximation of Gaussian mixture models
* Unsupervised learning of translation invariant occlusive components
* Variational EM Acceleration for Efficient Clustering at Very Large Scales, A
Includes: Lucke, J.[Jorg] Lücke, J.[Jörg] (Maybe also Luecke, J.)

Lucke, L. Co Author Listing * digit-serial architecture for gray-scale morphological filtering, A
* Efficient architectures for hidden surface removal
* hybrid filter for image enhancement, A

Lucke, R. Co Author Listing * Out-of-Band Correction for Multispectral Remote Sensing
* Technique For Removing Second-Order Light Effects From Hyperspectral Imaging Data, A

Lucker, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Global Ocean Studies from CALIOP/CALIPSO by Removing Polarization Crosstalk Effects

Luckerath, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Assessing Earthquake Impacts and Monitoring Resilience of Historic Areas: Methods for GIS Tools
Includes: Luckerath, D.[Daniel] Lückerath, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Lueckerath, D.)

Luckie, A. Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of retinal blood vessels and identification of proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Lucking, A.[Andy] Co Author Listing * Assessing Agreement on Segmentations by Means of Staccato, the Segmentation Agreement Calculator according to Thomann
* Deixis: How to Determine Demonstrated Objects Using a Pointing Cone
Includes: Lucking, A.[Andy] Lücking, A.[Andy] (Maybe also Luecking, A.)

Lucking, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Increased Throughput FPGA Design of the JPEG2000 Binary Arithmetic Decoder, An

Lucking, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * FPGA implementation of the JPEG2000 binary arithmetic (MQ) decoder

Luckman, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison and Validation of SAR-Based Ice Velocity Measurement Techniques within the Greenland Ice Sheet CCI Project

Luckman, A.J. Co Author Listing * Correction of SAR Imagery for Variation in Pixel Scattering Area Caused by Topography
* Mapping urban change in the UK using satellite radar interferometry
* Mapping Urban Extent Using Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Urban building height variance from multibaseline ERS coherence
Includes: Luckman, A.J. Luckman, A.J.[Adrian J.]

Lucknavalai, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Real-time Contrast Enhancement for 3d Medical Images Using Histogram Equalization

Luckner, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Reducing Number of Classifiers in DAGSVM Based on Class Similarity
* Tree Symbols Detection for Green Space Estimation

Luckow, A. Co Author Listing * Distributed Message Delivery Infrastructure for Connected Vehicle Technology Applications, A

Luckraft, I.C. Co Author Listing * Feature Vectors for Road Vehicle Scene Classification

Lucky, M.N. Co Author Listing * Approach for Standardization of Semantic Models for Building Renovation Processes, An

Lucky, R.W. Co Author Listing * drive for driverless cars, The

Luckyanets, E.[Eugene] Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Liveness Detection
* Doppelganger Mining for Face Representation Learning
* Hard Example Mining with Auxiliary Embeddings
Includes: Luckyanets, E.[Eugene] Luckyanets, E.

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