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Lyapustin, A.[Alexei] Co Author Listing * Amazon Forests' Response to Droughts: A Perspective from the MAIAC Product
* Assessment of Satellite AOD during the 2020 Wildfire Season in the Western U.S.
* Correcting Measurement Error in Satellite Aerosol Optical Depth with Machine Learning for Modeling PM2.5 in the Northeastern USA
* Estimation of Terrestrial Global Gross Primary Production (GPP) with Satellite Data-Driven Models and Eddy Covariance Flux Data
* First Provisional Land Surface Reflectance Product from Geostationary Satellite Himawari-8 AHI
* Novel Atmospheric Correction Algorithm to Exploit the Diurnal Variability in Hypertemporal Geostationary Observations, A
* Predicting Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the Greater London Area: An Ensemble Approach using Machine Learning Methods
* Progress in Remote Sensing of Photosynthetic Activity over the Amazon Basin
* Prototyping of LAI and FPAR Retrievals from MODIS Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC) Data
* Satellite-based view of the aerosol spatial and temporal variability in the Córdoba region (Argentina) using over ten years of high-resolution data
* Seasonal and interannual assessment of cloud cover and atmospheric constituents across the Amazon (2000-2015): Insights for remote sensing and climate analysis
* Seasonal Comparisons of Himawari-8 AHI and MODIS Vegetation Indices over Latitudinal Australian Grassland Sites
Includes: Lyapustin, A.[Alexei] Lyapustin, A.[Alexi]
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Lyapustin, A.I.[Alexei I.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Inter-Annual Variations in the Phenology of Evergreen Conifers Using Long-Term MODIS Vegetation Index Time Series
* In Memorium: Thomas Hilker
* Intercomparison of Aerosol Types Reported as Part of Aerosol Product Retrieval over Diverse Geographic Regions
* Three-dimensional effects in the remote sensing of surface albedo
Includes: Lyapustin, A.I.[Alexei I.] Lyapustin, A.I.

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