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Mehedi, M.H.K.[Md. Humaion Kabir] Co Author Listing * Monte Carlo Dropout for Uncertainty Analysis and ECG Trace Image Classification

Mehendale, M.[Mahesh] Co Author Listing * DBQ: A Differentiable Branch Quantizer for Lightweight Deep Neural Networks

Mehendale, M.M. Co Author Listing * Memory Bandwidth and Power Reduction Using Lossy Reference Frame Compression in Video Encoding

Mehenni, T.[Tahar] Co Author Listing * Data mining from multiple heterogeneous relational databases using decision tree classification

Meher, B.[Bikash] Co Author Listing * novel region-based multimodal image fusion technique using improved dictionary learning, A

Meher, P.K. Co Author Listing * Area-delay-power-efficient architecture for folded two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform by multiple lifting computation
* Efficient approximate core transform and its reconfigurable architectures for HEVC
* Efficient Integer DCT Architectures for HEVC
* Highly Concurrent Reduced-Complexity 2-D Systolic Array for Discrete Fourier Transform
* Memory-Efficient High-Speed Convolution-Based Generic Structure for Multilevel 2-D DWT
* Memory-Efficient High-Speed Convolution-Based Generic Structure for Multilevel 2-D DWT
* Parallel and Pipeline Architectures for High-Throughput Computation of Multilevel 3-D DWT
* Parallel and Pipelined Architectures for Cyclic Convolution by Block Circulant Formulation Using Low-Complexity Short-Length Algorithms
* Scalable Approximate DCT Architectures for Efficient HEVC-Compliant Video Coding
* Self-Configurable Systolic Architecture for Face Recognition System Based on Principal Component Neural Network, A
* Special section on image and video processing for security
* Systolic Designs for DCT Using a Low-Complexity Concurrent Convolutional Formulation
* Threshold-Guided Design and Optimization for Harris Corner Detector Architecture
* Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform coefficients prediction technique for intra-frame video encoding
Includes: Meher, P.K. Meher, P.K.[Pramod K.] Meher, P.K.[Pramod Kumar]
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Meher, S.[Sukadev] Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatio-temporal background subtraction using improved Wronskian change detection scheme in Gaussian mixture model framework
* Detection of Moving Objects Using Fuzzy Color Difference Histogram Based Background Subtraction
* Direction-adaptive fixed length discrete cosine transform framework for efficient H.264/AVC video coding
* Efficient fuzzy composite predictive scheme for effectual 2-D up-sampling of images for multimedia applications
* Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for financial portfolio design
* new Wronskian change detection model based codebook background subtraction for visual surveillance applications, A
* Quality based illumination compensation for face recognition
* Robust real-time object tracking under background clutter
* Robust video denoising for better subjective evaluation
Includes: Meher, S.[Sukadev] Meher, S.
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Meher, S.K.[Saroj K.] Co Author Listing * Data science, big data and granular mining
* Explicit rough-fuzzy pattern classification model
* Interpretable Rule-Based Fuzzy ELM and Domain Adaptation for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* novel fuzzy classifier based on product aggregation operator, A
* Remote Sensing Image Classification: A Neuro-fuzzy MCS Approach
* Wavelet-Feature-Based Classifiers for Multispectral Remote-Sensing Images

Meherhomji, V.[Vishtasp] Co Author Listing * improved edge detection technique, An

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