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Miko, M.S.[Martina Sparica] Co Author Listing * Integrated Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Geomorphology and Sediment Dynamics of Prokljan Lake and Krka River Estuary, Croatia
Includes: Miko, M.S.[Martina Sparica] Miko, M.Š.[Martina Šparica]

Miko, S.[Slobodan] Co Author Listing * Discrimination of Rock Units in Karst Terrains Using Sentinel-2A Imagery
* Improving Vertical Accuracy of UAV Digital Surface Models By Introducing Terrestrial Laser Scans on A Point-cloud Level
* Integrated Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Geomorphology and Sediment Dynamics of Prokljan Lake and Krka River Estuary, Croatia
Includes: Miko, S.[Slobodan] Miko, S.

Mikoczy, E. Co Author Listing * Advance PVR Applications in IMS Based IPTV Environment
* Role of network and platform functions virtualization in future telco networks
Includes: Mikoczy, E. Mikóczy, E.

Mikolajczak, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Method for Adaptive Material Classification and Pseudo-Coloring of the Baggage X-Ray Images, The
* MRI Brain Segmentation Using Cellular Automaton Approach
* Sharpening filter for false color imaging of dual-energy X-ray scans
* System for Automatic Town Sign Recognition for Driver Assistance Systems, A
Includes: Mikolajczak, P.[Pawel] Mikolajczak, P.[Piotr]

Mikolajczyk Wieczorek, W.[Wanda] Co Author Listing * Automatic Assessment of Skull Circumference in Craniosynostosis
Includes: Mikolajczyk Wieczorek, W.[Wanda] Mikolajczyk-Wieczorek, W.[Wanda]

Mikolajczyk, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation: Solving the Dynamic Object Problem by Semantic Guidance

Mikolajczyk, K.[Krystian] Co Author Listing * email: Mikolajczyk, K.[Krystian]: Krystian Mikolajczyk AT inrialpes fr
* Action recognition with appearance-motion features and fast search trees
* Action recognition with motion-appearance vocabulary forest
* Affine Invariant Interest Point Detector, An
* Augmented Kernel Matrix vs Classifier Fusion for Object Recognition
* Automatic annotation of court games with structured output learning
* Automatic annotation of tennis games: An integration of audio, vision, and learning
* Benchmarking GPU-Based Phase Correlation for Homography-Based Registration of Aerial Imagery
* Binary Online Learned Descriptors
* BOLD: Binary online learned descriptor for efficient image matching
* BreakingNews: Article Annotation by Image and Text Processing
* Combining High-Resolution Images With Low-Quality Videos
* Comparison of Affine Region Detectors, A
* Comparison of mid-level feature coding approaches and pooling strategies in visual concept detection
* D2D: Keypoint Extraction with Describe to Detect Approach
* Deep correlation for matching images and text
* Deformable part-based tracking by coupled global and local correlation filters
* DESC: Domain Adaptation for Depth Estimation via Semantic Consistency
* Detection of local features invariant to affine transformations
* Efficient Clustering and Matching for Object Class Recognition
* evaluation of bags-of-words and spatio-temporal shapes for action recognition, An
* Evaluation of local detectors and descriptors for fast feature matching
* Evaluation of Local Shape-Based Features for Pedestrian Detection, An
* Face detection and tracking in a video by propagating detection probabilities
* Face Detection in a Video Sequence: A Temporal Approach
* Face-TLD: Tracking-Learning-Detection applied to faces
* Feature Pairs Connected by Lines for Object Recognition
* Feature Tracking and Motion Compensation for Action Recognition
* Forward-Backward Error: Automatic Detection of Tracking Failures
* Full ranking as local descriptor for visual recognition: A comparison of distance metrics on S_n
* Fusion of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Gene Array Data: A New Approach for the Correlative Analysis of Molecular Biological and Clinical Data
* Generating commentaries for tennis videos
* Guest Editorial: Tracking, Detection and Segmentation
* H-Patches: A Benchmark and Evaluation of Handcrafted and Learned Local Descriptors
* hands-on approach to high-dynamic-range and superresolution fusion, A
* HDD-Net: Hybrid Detector Descriptor with Mutual Interactive Learning
* Higher-Order Occurrence Pooling for Bags-of-Words: Visual Concept Detection
* Human Detection Based on a Probabilistic Assembly of Robust Part Detectors
* Improving Descriptors for Fast Tree Matching by Optimal Linear Projection
* Improving Object Tracking with Voting from False Positive Detections
* Indexing Based on Scale Invariant Interest Points
* Key.Net: Keypoint Detection by Handcrafted and Learned CNN Filters
* Key.Net: Keypoint Detection by Handcrafted and Learned CNN Filters Revisited
* Learning Linear Discriminant Projections for Dimensionality Reduction of Image Descriptors
* Learning local feature descriptors with triplets and shallow convolutional neural networks
* Learning to Prompt CLIP for Monocular Depth Estimation: Exploring the Limits of Human Language
* Learning weights for codebook in image classification and retrieval
* Leveraging High Level Visual Information for Matching Images and Captions
* Local Features for Object Class Recognition
* Local Invariant Feature Detectors: A Survey
* LP norm multiple kernel Fisher discriminant analysis for object and image categorisation
* Monocular Depth Estimation Using Cues Inspired by Biological Vision Systems
* Multi-Class Segmentation from Aerial Views using Recursive Noise Diffusion
* Multiple Object Class Detection with a Generative Model
* NinjaDesc: Content-Concealing Visual Descriptors via Adversarial Learning
* On a Quest for Image Descriptors Based on Unsupervised Segmentation Maps
* Online Learning and Detection with Part-Based, Circulant Structure
* Online learning of robust object detectors during unstable tracking
* P-N learning: Bootstrapping binary classifiers by structural constraints
* Partial Person Re-identification with Alignment and Hallucination
* Performance Evaluation of Local Descriptors, A
* Person Re-Identification with Vision and Language
* Project to Adapt: Domain Adaptation for Depth Completion from Noisy and Sparse Sensor Data
* Ranking Images Based on Aesthetic Qualities
* Reconstructing Pruned Filters using Cheap Spatial Transformations
* Robust and Scalable Visual Category and Action Recognition System Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis With Spectral Regression, A
* Robust Registration and Filtering for Moving Object Detection in Aerial Videos
* Scale and Affine Invariant Interest Point Detectors
* ScaleNet: A Shallow Architecture for Scale Estimation
* Segmentation Based Interest Points and Evaluation of Unsupervised Image Segmentation Methods
* Segmentation Based Multi-Cue Integration for Object Detection
* Shape recognition with edge-based features
* Soft assignment of visual words as Linear Coordinate Coding and optimisation of its reconstruction error
* Solar: Second-order Loss and Attention for Image Retrieval
* Spatial Coordinate Coding to reduce histogram representations, Dominant Angle and Colour Pyramid Match
* test-bed for computer-assisted fusion of multi-modality medical images, A
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Tracking-Learning-Detection
* University of Surrey Visual Concept Detection System at ImageCLEF@ICPR: Working Notes, The
* V2A - Vision to Action: Learning Robotic Arm Actions Based on Vision and Language
* Visual category recognition using Spectral Regression and Kernel Discriminant Analysis
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Weighted Sampling for Large-Scale Boosting
Includes: Mikolajczyk, K.[Krystian] Mikolajczyk, K.
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Mikolajewska, S. Co Author Listing * From Survey to Model, Return. the Case of the Parma Baptistery
* History, Geometry, Structure: Interdisciplinary Analysis of A Historical Bridge
* Multifunctional 3D Model for the Farnese Theatre in Parma

Mikolka Flory, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Horizon Line Detection in Historical Terrestrial Images in Mountainous Terrain Based on the Region Covariance
Includes: Mikolka Flory, S.[Sebastian] Mikolka-Flöry, S.[Sebastian] (Maybe also Mikolka-Floery, S.)

Mikos, M.[Matjaz] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Classification of Alluvial Fans with DEMs and Machine Learning Methods: A Case Study of Slovenian Torrential Fans
Includes: Mikos, M.[Matjaz] Mikoš, M.[Matjaž]

Mikovicova, B.[Beata] Co Author Listing * Reliable Eyelid Localization for Iris Recognition

Mikovits, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Spatially Highly Resolved Ground Mounted and Rooftop Potential Analysis for Photovoltaics in Austria, A

Mikowski, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * No-reference video quality assessment method based on spatio-temporal features using the ELM algorithm

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