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Milo, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Strategies for Optimal Energy Management and Sizing of a Dual Storage System in a Hybrid Electric Bus

Milo, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Application of Geophysical Methods in Archaeological Survey of Early Medieval Fortifications
* Geophysical Survey as Part of Rescue Archaeological Excavation on Large Construction Projects: Case Study: Road I/16 Slaný-Velvary (Czech Republic)

Milo, R. Co Author Listing * On fuzzy correlations

Milodowski, D.T.[David T.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Error and Bias of Remotely Sensed LAI Products: An Example for Tropical and Subtropical Evergreen Forests in South China

Milojevic Dupont, N.[Nikola] Co Author Listing * Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
Includes: Milojevic Dupont, N.[Nikola] Milojevic-Dupont, N.[Nikola]

Milone, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * Artificial Mosaics with Irregular Tiles Based on Gradient Vector Flow

Milone, D.H.[Diego H.] Co Author Listing * Denoising and recognition using hidden Markov models with observation distributions modeled by hidden Markov trees
* Dimensional Affect Recognition from HRV: An Approach Based on Supervised SOM and ELM
* Domain Generalization via Gradient Surgery
* Emotion recognition in never-seen languages using a novel ensemble method with emotion profiles
* Feature optimisation for stress recognition in speech
* Improving Anatomical Plausibility in Medical Image Segmentation via Hybrid Graph Neural Networks: Applications to Chest X-Ray Analysis
* Minimum classification error learning for sequential data in the wavelet domain
Includes: Milone, D.H.[Diego H.] Milone, D.H.
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Milongo, B.[Brice] Co Author Listing * First Evidence of Peat Domes in the Congo Basin using LiDAR from a Fixed-Wing Drone

Milonidis, E. Co Author Listing * Innovative Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithm to Enhance Positioning Accuracy of an Instrumented Bicycle, An

Milosavljevic, A.[Aleksandar] Co Author Listing * Automated Processing of Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Semantic Segmentation: A Building Footprint Extraction Case
* Efficient Distortion Mitigation and Partition Reduction in Mapping Global Geodata: Dual Orthogonal Equidistant Cylindrical Projection Approach
* Identification of Salt Deposits on Seismic Images Using Deep Learning Method for Semantic Segmentation
* Method for Estimating Surveillance Video Georeferences, A

Milosavljevic, B.[Branko] Co Author Listing * Blockchain Solution for Securing Real Property Transactions: A Case Study for Serbia, A

Milosavljevic, M.[Milan] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy commitment scheme for generation of cryptographic keys based on iris biometrics
* On the influence of the training set data preprocessing on neural networks training
Includes: Milosavljevic, M.[Milan] Milosavljevic, M.

Milosavljevic, N.[Nikola] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction with Dense Landmarks

Milosavljevic, N.S.[Natasa S.] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Metaheuristic Algorithm for Copy-Move Forgery Detection in Image
Includes: Milosavljevic, N.S.[Natasa S.] Milosavljevic, N.S.[Nataša S.]

Milosevic, D.[Dragan] Co Author Listing * Achieving High Reliability in Data Acquisition
* Air Humidity Characteristics in Local Climate Zones of Novi Sad (Serbia) Based on Long-Term Data
* Mapping Local Climate Zones and Their Applications in European Urban Environments: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Development Trends
Includes: Milosevic, D.[Dragan] Miloševic, D.[Dragan]

Milosevic, I.R.[Ivana R.] Co Author Listing * Quiet Ionospheric D-Region (QIonDR) Model Based on VLF/LF Observations
Includes: Milosevic, I.R.[Ivana R.] Miloševic, I.R.[Ivana R.]

Milosevic, M. Co Author Listing * Fast spatio-temporal image reconstruction for dynamic PET
* Low-Complexity Velocity Estimation in High-Speed Optical Doppler Tomography Systems
Includes: Milosevic, M. Milosevic, M.[Milos]

Milosevic, M.F. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Nonrigid Registration, Segmentation, and Tumor Detection in MRI Guided Cervical Cancer Radiation Therapy

Milosevic, N. Co Author Listing * Embedded contours extraction for high-speed scene dynamics based on a neuromorphic temporal contrast vision sensor
* framework for information extraction from tables in biomedical literature, A
Includes: Milosevic, N. Milosevic, N.[Nikola]

Milosevic, R.[Rina] Co Author Listing * Comparative Assessment of Pixel and Object-Based Approaches for Mapping of Olive Tree Crowns Based on UAV Multispectral Imagery
Includes: Milosevic, R.[Rina] Miloševic, R.[Rina]

Miloslavsky, E.[Eugene] Co Author Listing * Rate control for layered video compression using matching pursuits
* Video Compression Using Matching Pursuits
Includes: Miloslavsky, E.[Eugene] Miloslavsky, E.

Milot, L. Co Author Listing * Improved Contrast-Enhanced Power Doppler Using a Coherence-Based Estimator
* Visualizing the Tumor Microvasculature With a Nonlinear Plane-Wave Doppler Imaging Scheme Based on Amplitude Modulation

Milotta, F.L.M.[Filippo L. M.] Co Author Listing * ARCA (Automatic Recognition of Color for Archaeology): A Desktop Application for Munsell Estimation
* Breast Shape Parametrization Through Planar Projections
* Challenges in automatic Munsell color profiling for cultural heritage
* Description of Breast Morphology Through Bag of Normals Representation
* Detection and Correction of Mistracking in Digitalized Analog Video
* Egocentric visitors localization in natural sites
* Electronic Travel Aid to Assist Blind and Visually Impaired People to Avoid Obstacles, An
Includes: Milotta, F.L.M.[Filippo L. M.] Milotta, F.L.M.[Filippo Luigi Maria] Milotta, F.L.M.[Filippo L.M.]
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Milovanov, S.[Stevan] Co Author Listing * Building Virtual 3D City Model for Smart Cities Applications: A Case Study on Campus Area of the University of Novi Sad

Milovanovic, D.[Dragorad] Co Author Listing * On a bound on signal-to-noise ratio in subband coding of Gaussian image process

Milovanovic, G.V. Co Author Listing * Shape-Preserving Approximations by Polynomials and Splines

Milovanovic, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Overview and Efficiency of Decoder-Side Depth Estimation in MPEG Immersive Video
* Sparse Double Descent in Vision Transformers: Real or Phantom Threat?
* Walking in Colors: Human Gait Recognition Using Kinect and CBIR
Includes: Milovanovic, M.[Marta] Milovanovic, M.

Milovanovic, V. Co Author Listing * Design of Energy- and Cost-Efficient Massive MIMO Arrays

Milovic, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * DeepSPIO: Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Particle Quantification Using Deep Learning in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Milovich, J.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic computation of speckle standard deviation in SAR images

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