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Mosca, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Demonstrating the new compact descriptors for visual search (CDVS) standard for image retrieval on mobile devices

Mosca, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Anomalous Human Behavior Detection Using a Network of RGB-D Sensors
* Color correction for the virtual recomposition of fragmented frescos
* Convolutional Neural Networks Based Ball Detection in Tennis Games
* Investigation Into the Feasibility of Real-Time Soccer Offside Detection From a Multiple Camera System, An
* Likelihood-Based Background Model for Real Time Processing of Color Filter Array Videos, A
* Panoramic Video Generation by Multi View Data Synthesis
* Real-time multi-view event detection in soccer games
* Real-time multiview analysis of soccer matches for understanding interactions between ball and players
* Semi-automatic System for Ground Truth Generation of Soccer Video Sequences, A
* technology platform for automatic high-level tennis game analysis, A
* Tennis Player Segmentation for Semantic Behavior Analysis
* Unsupervised Approach for Segmentation and Clustering of Soccer Players, An
* Virtual and Augmented Reality for Quality Control of Aircraft Interiors
* Virtual Recomposition of Frescos: Separating Fragments from the Background
* visual system for real time detection of goal events during soccer matches, A
Includes: Mosca, N.[Nicola] Mosca, N.
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Mosca, R.[Rosalba] Co Author Listing * Contextual Approach for Coastal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Enhancing, A

Moscardo, A.[Anais] Co Author Listing * Self-Training Weakly-Supervised Framework for Pathologist-Like Histopathological Image Analysis, A
Includes: Moscardo, A.[Anais] Moscardˇ, A.[Ana´s]

Moscarella, E.[Elvira] Co Author Listing * Skin Lesions Classification: A Radiomics Approach with Deep CNN

Moscaritolo, M. Co Author Listing * Image Based Auto-Focusing Algorithm for Digital Fundus Photography, An

Moscatelli, S. Co Author Listing * Learning Techniques Applied to Multi-Font Character Recognition

Moscati, A. Co Author Listing * Approach Towards the Construction of a Digital Atlas for the Documentation of Cloister and Courtyards in Ascoli Piceno, An

Moscato, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * agent-based approach for recommending cultural tours, An
* CAN-Bus Attack Detection With Deep Learning

Moscato, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * agent-based approach for recommending cultural tours, An
* Constrained Probabilistic Petri Net Framework for Human Activity Detection in Video, A
* Developing a Smart PACS: CBIR System Using Deep Learning
* Foveated Shot Detection for Video Segmentation
* Improving Minutiae Detection in Fingerprints Using Multiresolution Contrast Enhancement
* PADS: A Probabilistic Activity Detection Framework for Video Data
* PASTLE: Pivot-aided space transformation for local explanations
* ranking method for multimedia recommenders, A
* Recommending Multimedia Objects in Cultural Heritage Applications
* Reliability of explainable Artificial Intelligence in Adversarial Perturbation Scenarios
* Using attention for video segmentation
Includes: Moscato, V.[Vincenzo] Moscato, V.
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Moschella, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Unravelling the Relationship Between Microseisms and Spatial Distribution of Sea Wave Height by Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches

Moscheni, F.[Fabrice] Co Author Listing * email: Moscheni, F.[Fabrice]: fabrice moscheni AT epfl ch
* Background mosaicking for low bit rate video coding
* Entropy Criterion for Optimal Bit Allocation between Motion and Prediction Error Information
* Motion Estimation Techniques for Digital TV: A Review and a New Contribution
* Motion Field Segmentation to Improve Moving Edges Reconstruction in Video Coding, A
* Object Tracking Based on Motion and Shape Information
* Robust Region Merging for Spatio-Temporal Segmentation
* Spatio-temporal segmentation based on motion and static segmentation
* Spatiotemporal Segmentation Based on Region Merging
* Vector Quantization Based Motion Field Segmentation under an Entropy Constraint
Includes: Moscheni, F.[Fabrice] Moscheni, F.
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Moschetti, F. Co Author Listing * Bidimensional dictionary and coding screme for a very low bitrate matching pursuit video coder
* Generalized motion compensation and arithmetic coding for matching pursuit cover
* Hierarchical mode search with classification of bisectional prediction modes based on the position of motion boundary
* Low bit rate video quality assessment based on perceptual characteristics
* Nested-multilevel Redundancy Exploitation for Fast Block Matching, A
* New dictionary and fast atom searching method for matching pursuit representation of displaced frame difference
* Object Tracking for Retrieval Applications in MPEG-2
* statistical adaptive block-matching motion estimation, A
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Moschillo, R.[Raffaele] Co Author Listing * 2021 Greece Central Crete ML 5.8 Earthquake: An Example of Coalescent Fault Segments Reconstructed from InSAR and GNSS Data, The

Moschini, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Tracking Human Motion with Multiple Cameras Using an Articulated Model

Moschini, U.[Ugo] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Shared-Memory Parallel Max-Tree Algorithm for Extreme Dynamic-Range Images, A
* Improved Detection of Faint Extended Astronomical Objects Through Statistical Attribute Filtering
* Improving background estimation for faint astronomical object detection
* Mask Connectivity by Viscous Closings: Linking Merging Galaxies without Merging Double Stars
* Parallel 2D Local Pattern Spectra of Invariant Moments for Galaxy Classification
* Viscous-Hyperconnected Attribute Filters: A First Algorithm

Moschitta, A. Co Author Listing * Positioning Techniques in Indoor Environments Based on Stochastic Modeling of UWB Round-Trip-Time Measurements

Moschitti, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Information extraction from multimedia web documents: An open-source platform and testbed
* Supervised semantic relation mining from linguistically noisy text documents

Moschoglou, S.[Stylianos] Co Author Listing * 3D human tongue reconstruction from single in-the-wild images
* 3DFaceGAN: Adversarial Nets for 3D Face Representation, Generation, and Translation
* AgeDB: The First Manually Collected, In-the-Wild Age Database
* AvatarMe++: Facial Shape and BRDF Inference With Photorealistic Rendering-Aware GANs
* AvatarMe: Realistically Renderable 3D Facial Reconstruction In-the-Wild
* Deep Polynomial Neural Networks
* MimicME: A Large Scale Diverse 4D Database for Facial Expression Analysis
* Multi-Attribute Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis for 3D Facial Shapes
* P-nets: Deep Polynomial Neural Networks
* Synthesizing Coupled 3d Face Modalities by Trunk-branch Generative Adversarial Networks
* Towards a Complete 3D Morphable Model of the Human Head
Includes: Moschoglou, S.[Stylianos] Moschoglou, S.
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Moschonas, P. Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Search and Retrieval From Range Images Using Salient Features

Moschopoulos, C. Co Author Listing * Applying Graph Theory on Protein-Protein Interaction Data
* Interpretation of Coherence Phase and Rhythmic Cumulant Results: A Simulation Study

Moschos, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision for Ocean Eddy Detection in Infrared Imagery
* Why Do Inverse Eddy Surface Temperature Anomalies Emerge? The Case of the Mediterranean Sea

Mosciatti, M. Co Author Listing * Detection and separation of symbols connected to graphics in line drawings
* Interpretation System for Land Register Maps, An

Moscicka, A.[Albina] Co Author Listing * Automatic (Tactile) Map Generation: A Systematic Literature Review
* Influence of the Shape and Size of the Cell on Developing Military Passability Maps, The
* On the Use of Geographic Information in Humanities Research Infrastructure: A Case Study on Cultural Heritage
* Spatio-Temporal Database of Places Located in the Border Area

Mosconi, M. Co Author Listing * Program Development and Coding on a Fine-Grained Vision Machine
* Visual debugging for a pyramidal machine

Moscoso Silva, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Multitemporal Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover within an Oil Block in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Includes: Moscoso Silva, F.[Francisco] Moscoso-Silva, F.[Francisco]

Moscoso, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Coherent Imaging without Phases
* Illumination Strategies for Intensity-Only Imaging
* Imaging Strong Localized Scatterers with Sparsity Promoting Optimization
* Multifrequency Interferometric Imaging with Intensity-Only Measurements
* Synthetic Aperture Imaging of Direction- and Frequency-Dependent Reflectivities
Includes: Moscoso, M.[Miguel] Moscoso, M.

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