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Nehab, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Dense 3D reconstruction from specularity consistency
* Fresh Look at Generalized Sampling, A
* Full-Reference Image Quality Metrics: Classification and Evaluation
* Improved Sub-pixel Stereo Correspondences through Symmetric Refinement
* Optimized Quasi-Interpolators for Image Reconstruction
* Real-Time Continuous Image Processing
* Spacetime Stereo: A Unifying Framework for Depth from Triangulation
Includes: Nehab, D.[Diego] Nehab, D.
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Nehaniv, C.L.[Chrystopher L.] Co Author Listing * Correspondence Mapping Induced State and Action Metrics for Robotic Imitation

Nehaoua, L. Co Author Listing * Virtual Prototyping of an Electric Power Steering Simulator

Nehary, E.A. Co Author Listing * Image encryption via discrete fractional Fourier-type transforms generated by random matrices

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