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Oishi, G.[Go] Co Author Listing * Local Estimation of High Velocity Optical Flow with Correlation Image Sensor

Oishi, J.[Jumpei] Co Author Listing * Polarimetric PatchMatch Multi-View Stereo

Oishi, K.[Kenichi] Co Author Listing * Study of white matter anatomy and 3D tract reconstruction by diffusion tensor imaging

Oishi, S.[Satoru] Co Author Listing * Breaking Limits of Remote Sensing by Deep Learning From Simulated Data for Flood and Debris-Flow Mapping
* Hole-free texture mapping based on laser reflectivity
* Thermal comfort measurement using thermal-depth images for robotic monitoring
* Use of Thermal Point Cloud for Thermal Comfort Measurement and Human Pose Estimation in Robotic Monitoring
* VITAMIN-E: VIsual Tracking and MappINg With Extremely Dense Feature Points
Includes: Oishi, S.[Satoru] Oishi, S.[Shuji] Oishi, S.

Oishi, S.J.[Shun Ji] Co Author Listing * Sensor-independent Pedestrian Detection for Personal Mobility Vehicles in Walking Space Using Dataset Generated by Simulation
Includes: Oishi, S.J.[Shun Ji] Oishi, S.J.[Shun-Ji]

Oishi, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction with High Density and Accuracy Using Laser Profiler and Camera Fusion System on a Rover, A
* 6-DOF pose estimation from single Ultrasound image using 3D IP models
* Classification of Bayon Faces
* coarse-to-fine IP-driven registration for pose estimation from single ultrasound image, A
* Digital Restoration of the Nara Great Buddha
* Editing, Retrieval, and Display System of Archeological Information on Large 3D Geometric Models
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images
* Fast simultaneous alignment of multiple range images using index images
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images, A
* Flying Laser Range Sensor for Large-Scale Site-Modeling and Its Applications in Bayon Digital Archival Project
* Great Buddha Project: Digitally Archiving, Restoring, and Analyzing Cultural Heritage Objects, The
* Image-Based Network Rendering of Large Meshes for Cloud Computing
* Image-based network rendering system for large sized meshes
* Iterative Refinement of Range Images with Anisotropic Error Distribution
* Modeling the stone floor based on excavation information using implicit polynomial
* Outdoor omnidirectional video completion via depth estimation by motion analysis
* Parallel Alignment of a Large Number of Range Images
* Pigment Mapping for Tomb Murals using Neural Representation and Physics-based Model
* Quadruped Robot Platform for Selective Pesticide Spraying
* Real-Time Simultaneous 3D Reconstruction and Optical Flow Estimation
* Virtual Asukakyo: Real-time Soft Shadows in Mixed Reality using Shadowing Planes
* Virtual Kawaradera: Fast Shadow Texture for Augmented Reality
* Virtual Restoration of Ancient Wooden Ships Through Non-rigid 3D Shape Assembly with Ruled-Surface FFD
Includes: Oishi, T. Oishi, T.[Takeshi]
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Oishi, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Animal Detection Using Thermal Images and Its Required Observation Conditions
* Detecting Moving Wildlife Using the Time Difference between Two Thermal Airborne Images
* Impact of Changes in Minimum Reflectance on Cloud Discrimination
* Impact of Different Support Vectors on GOSAT-2 CAI-2 L2 Cloud Discrimination, The
* Topology-Oriented Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams
Includes: Oishi, Y.[Yu] Oishi, Y.

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