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Ozguc, B.[Bulent] Co Author Listing * 3D Hair Sketching for real-time dynamic and key frame animations
* Animation of Boiling Phenomena
* Keyframe Reduction Techniques for Motion Capture Data
* Motion Control for Realistic Walking Behavior using Inverse Kinematics
* Particle-based simulation of the interaction between fluid and knitwear
* Practical and Realistic Animation of Cloth
* Simulation of Water Drops on a Surface
Includes: Ozguc, B.[Bulent] Özgüç, B.[Bülent]
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Ozgun, K. Co Author Listing * Spatial Coherence Beamformer Design for Power Doppler Imaging, A

Ozgun, O. Co Author Listing * Novel Two-Way Finite-Element Parabolic Equation Groundwave Propagation Tool: Tests With Canonical Structures and Calibration, A

Ozgunalp, U. Co Author Listing * Multiple Lane Detection Algorithm Based on Novel Dense Vanishing Point Estimation
* Pothole Detection Based on Disparity Transformation and Road Surface Modeling
* Robust lane-detection algorithm based on improved symmetrical local threshold for feature extraction and inverse perspective mapping
* Stereo vision-based road estimation assisted by efficient planar patch calculation
Includes: Ozgunalp, U. Ozgunalp, U.[Umar]

Ozgunduz, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * Efficient Off-Line Verification and Identification of Signatures by Multiclass Support Vector Machines
Includes: Ozgunduz, E.[Emre] Özgündüz, E.[Emre] (Maybe also Oezguenduez, E.)

Ozguner, A. Co Author Listing * Information-Theoretic Data Registration for UAV-Based Sensing
Includes: Ozguner, A. Ozguner, Ã.

Ozguner, T.[Tolga] Co Author Listing * Robust online detection of pipeline corrosion from range data

Ozguner, U. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Energy Factors in an Intelligent Convoy of Vehicles
* Bayesian Traffic Light Parameter Tracking Based on Semi-Hidden Markov Models
* Cloud-Based Velocity Profile Optimization for Everyday Driving: A Dynamic-Programming-Based Solution
* Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Implementation of Team Mekar at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Dynamic Eco-Driving's Fuel Saving Potential in Traffic: Multi-Vehicle Simulation Study Comparing Three Representative Methods
* Framework for Estimating Driver Decisions Near Intersections, A
* Integrated 802.11p WAVE DSRC and Vehicle Traffic Simulator With Experimentally Validated Urban (LOS and NLOS) Propagation Models, An
* Nonlinear Filter Coupled With Hospitability and Synthetic Inclination Maps for In-Surveillance and Out-of-Surveillance Tracking, A
* Swarm-Inspired Modeling of a Highway System With Stability Analysis
* Systems for Safety and Autonomous Behavior in Cars: The DARPA Grand Challenge Experience
* Team TerraMax and the DARPA grand challenge: a general overview
* Unifying Analytical Methods With Numerical Methods for Traffic System Modeling and Control
Includes: Ozguner, U. Ozguner, Ü. Özguner, Ü. (Maybe also Oezguner, Ü.)
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Ozgur Argunsah, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic dendritic spine detection using multiscale dot enhancement filters and SIFT features

Ozgur, E.[Erol] Co Author Listing * email: Ozgur, E.[Erol]: ErolOzgur AT gmail com
* Evolving Implicit Polynomial Interfaces
* Particle-SfT: A Provably-Convergent, Fast Shape-from-Template Algorithm
Includes: Ozgur, E.[Erol] Özgür, E.[Erol] (Maybe also Oezguer, E.)Ozgur, E.

Ozgur, L.[Levent] Co Author Listing * Adaptive anti-spam filtering for agglutinative languages: A special case for Turkish
* Text classification with the support of pruned dependency patterns
Includes: Ozgur, L.[Levent] Özgür, L.[Levent] (Maybe also Oezguer, L.)

Ozguven, E.E. Co Author Listing * Combined Electricity and Traffic Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Bundled Causality Engine
* Integrating Evacuation and Storm Surge Modeling Considering Potential Hurricane Tracks: The Case of Hurricane Irma in Southeast Florida
Includes: Ozguven, E.E. Ozguven, E.E.[Eren Erman]

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