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Ptucha, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive hierarchical classification networks
* Batch-normalized recurrent highway networks
* Directional Graph Networks with Hard Weight Assignments
* Embedded Cyclegan For Shape-Agnostic Image-To-Image Translation
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Facial Features and Manifold Learning
* Fusion of depth and color for an improved active shape model
* Fusion of static and temporal predictors for unconstrained facial expression recognition
* General-Purpose Deep Point Cloud Feature Extractor
* Gesture Control Using Active Difference Signatures and Sparse Learning
* Gesture recognition using active body parts and active difference signatures
* Image description through fusion based recurrent multi-modal learning
* Intelligent character recognition using fully convolutional neural networks
* Joint optimization of manifold learning and sparse representations
* Key frame extraction for salient activity recognition
* Keypoint matching and image registration using sparse representations
* LGE-KSVD: Flexible Dictionary Learning for Optimized Sparse Representation Classification
* LGE-KSVD: Robust Sparse Representation Classification
* Manifold based sparse representation for facial understanding in natural images
* Manifold based Sparse Representation for robust expression recognition without neutral subtraction
* Manifold learning for simultaneous pose and facial expression recognition
* Multimodal Reconstruction Using Vector Representation
* Pose estimation using facial feature points and manifold learning
* Semantic Text Summarization of Long Videos
* Semantically Invariant Text-to-Image Generation
* Show, Translate and Tell
* temporally coherent neural algorithm for artistic style transfer, A
* Temporally Steered Gaussian Attention for Video Understanding
* Towards 3D convolutional neural networks with meshes
* Towards the Usage of Optical Flow Temporal Features for Facial Expression Classification
Includes: Ptucha, R. Ptucha, R.[Raymond] Ptucha, R.[Ray]
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