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Purwada, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * How to Collect Segmentations for Biomedical Images? A Benchmark Evaluating the Performance of Experts, Crowdsourced Non-experts, and Algorithms
* SAGE: An approach and implementation empowering quick and reliable quantitative analysis of segmentation quality
Includes: Purwada, A.[Alberto] Purwada, A.

Purwani, S.[Sri] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Registration: Incorporating Structural Information into Groupwise Registration

Purwanto, A.D.[Anang Dwi] Co Author Listing * Decision Tree and Random Forest Classification Algorithms for Mangrove Forest Mapping in Sembilang National Park, Indonesia

Purwanto, D.[Didik] Co Author Listing * Dance with Self-Attention: A New Look of Conditional Random Fields on Anomaly Detection in Videos
* Extreme Low Resolution Action Recognition with Spatial-Temporal Multi-Head Self-Attention and Knowledge Distillation
* First-Person Action Recognition With Temporal Pooling and Hilbert-Huang Transform
* Three-Stream Network With Bidirectional Self-Attention for Action Recognition in Extreme Low Resolution Videos
Includes: Purwanto, D.[Didik] Purwanto, D.

Purwanto, E.H. Co Author Listing * Indicator Analysis of Smart City Standard SNI ISO 37122 Plays a Role In The Covid-19 Pandemic

Purwanto, H. Co Author Listing * Small ROV Marine Boat for Bathymetry Surveys of Shallow Waters: Potential Implementation in Malaysia

Purwanto, P.[Purwanto] Co Author Listing * Application of Improved MODIS-Based Potential Evapotranspiration Estimates in a Humid Tropic Brantas Watershed: Implications for Agricultural Water Management, An
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of COVID-19 Spread with Emerging Hotspot Analysis and Space-Time Cube Models in East Java, Indonesia

Purwanto, R.W.[Rizka W.] Co Author Listing * Doing and Feeling: Relationships Between Moods, Productivity and Task-Switching

Purwar, A.[Anirudh] Co Author Listing * Interactive object segmentation using single touch
* Region-wise Modeling of Facial Skin Age using Deep CNNs
Includes: Purwar, A.[Anirudh] Purwar, A.

Purwar, P. Co Author Listing * Modeling Point Spread Function in Fluorescence Microscopy With a Sparse Gaussian Mixture: Tradeoff Between Accuracy and Efficiency

Purwar, R.K.[Ravindra Kumar] Co Author Listing * better approach for object tracking using dual-tree complex wavelet transform, A
* dynamic threshold-based local mesh ternary pattern technique for biomedical image retrieval, A
* Enhanced dynamic pattern search algorithm with weighted search points for fast motion estimation
* fast block motion estimation algorithm using dynamic pattern search, A
* Fast Encryption Scheme Suitable for Video Surveillance Applications Using SHA-256 Hash Function and 1D Sine-Sine Chaotic Map, A
* Handwritten Hindi character recognition: a review
* matching criterion for motion compensation in the temporal coding of video signal, A
* new fast motion estimation algorithm using adaptive size diamond pattern search with early search termination, A
Includes: Purwar, R.K.[Ravindra Kumar] Purwar, R.K.[Ravindra K.]
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Purwar, S.[Shalini] Co Author Listing * Decoding of multichannel EEG activity from the visual cortex in response to pseudorandom binary sequences of visual stimuli

Purwestri, N. Co Author Listing * Documenting Living Monuments in Indonesia: Methodology for Sustainable Utility

Purwestri, R.C.[Ratna Chrismiari] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Sago Palm Trees Based on Transfer Learning
* Societal Implications of Forest and Water Body Area Evolution in Czechia and Selected Regions

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