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Quirion, S. Co Author Listing * Generic temporal segmentation of cyclic human motion

Quirita, V.A.A.[Victor Andres Ayma] Co Author Listing * Distributed N-FINDR Cloud Computing-Based Solution for Endmembers Extraction on Large-Scale Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data, A

Quirk, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * Compression strategies for LiDAR waveform cube
* Study on Sensor Level LiDAR Waveform Data Compression Using JPEG-2000 Standard Multi-Component Transform

Quirke, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Practice-Based Comparison of Imaging Methods for Visualization of Toolmarks on an Egyptian Scarab

Quiroga, B.R. Co Author Listing * Fast Offline Building Recognition Application on a Mobile Telephone, A

Quiroga, C. Co Author Listing * Geovisualization of Archived ITS Data-Case Studies

Quiroga, J. Co Author Listing * As Seen on TV: Automatic Basketball Video Production using Gaussian-based Actionness and Game States Recognition
* Dense Semi-rigid Scene Flow Estimation from RGBD Images
* Local scene flow by tracking in intensity and depth
* Local/global scene flow estimation
* On the 2D Teager-Kaiser Operator
* Root and pre-constant signals of the 1D Teager-Kaiser operator
* Scene flow by tracking in intensity and depth data
Includes: Quiroga, J. Quiroga, J.[Julian] Quiroga, J.[Julián]
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Quiroga, J.A.[Juan Antonio] Co Author Listing * General n -dimensional quadrature transform and its application to interferogram demodulation

Quiroga, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * Occluded Dark Field: A New Inspection Technique of Convex Mirrored Surfaces

Quiros Ramirez, A.[Alejandra] Co Author Listing * BABEL: Bodies, Action and Behavior with English Labels
Includes: Quiros Ramirez, A.[Alejandra] Quirós-Ramírez, A.[Alejandra]

Quiros, E. Co Author Listing * Detection and Labeling of Sensitive Areas in Hydrological Cartography Using Vector Statistics

Quiros, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Interactive Layout Detection
* Learning to Sort Handwritten Text Lines in Reading Order through Estimated Binary Order Relations
* Multi-task Layout Analysis of Handwritten Musical Scores
* Processing a large collection of historical tabular images
Includes: Quiros, L.[Lorenzo] Quirós, L.[Lorenzo]

Quiros, T.E.A. Co Author Listing * Time Series Analysis for Monitoring Seagrass Habitat and Environment In Busuanga, Philippines Using Google Earth Engine

Quiroz Mercado, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Neovascularization Detection on Optic Disc Region Using Deep Learning
Includes: Quiroz Mercado, H.[Hugo] Quiroz-Mercado, H.[Hugo]

Quiroz, C. Co Author Listing * Rochester Checkers Player: Multimodal Parallel Programming for Animate Vision, The

Quiroz, D.M. Co Author Listing * Object Tracking Based on Covariance Descriptors and On-Line Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor Classifier

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