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Rebuffel, V. Co Author Listing * Depth-from-motion estimation based on a multiscale analysis of motion constraint equation validity
* Estimation of Depth-from-Motion Combining Iterative Prediction Scheme and Regularization Framework
* Hierarchical Approach for Scene Segmentation Based on 2D Motion, A
* Motion Detection Based on a Temporal Multiscale Approach
* Motion Detection Robust to Perturbations: A Statistical Regularization and Temporal Integration Framework

Rebuffi, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parametrization of Multi-domain Deep Neural Networks
* There and Back Again: Revisiting Backpropagation Saliency Methods

Rebuffi, S.A.[Sylvestre Alvise] Co Author Listing * iCaRL: Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning
* LSD-C: Linearly Separable Deep Clusters
* Semi-Supervised Learning with Scarce Annotations
Includes: Rebuffi, S.A.[Sylvestre Alvise] Rebuffi, S.A.[Sylvestre-Alvise]

Rebut, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * CARRADA Dataset: Camera and Automotive Radar with Range- Angle- Doppler Annotations
* Multi-View Radar Semantic Segmentation
* Road obstacles detection using a self-adaptive stereo vision sensor: a contribution to the ARCOS French project
Includes: Rebut, J.[Julien] Rebut, J.

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