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Rind, F.C.[F. Claire] Co Author Listing * Robust Collision Perception Visual Neural Network With Specific Selectivity to Darker Objects, A
* Visual motion pattern extraction and fusion for collision detection in complex dynamic scenes

Rindanata, G.[Guruh] Co Author Listing * Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Mapping with Details: Smallholder versus Industrial Plantations and their Extent in Riau, Sumatra

Rinderspacher, B.C.[B. Christopher] Co Author Listing * Mixed Reality Visualization of Friendly vs Hostile Decision Dynamics

Rindi, A. Co Author Listing * New Strategy for Dynamic Weighing in Motion of Railway Vehicles, A

Rindinella, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Hazard Assessment of Rocky Slopes: An Integrated Photogrammetry-GIS Approach Including Fracture Density and Probability of Failure Data

Rindone, C.[Corrado] Co Author Listing * Transport System Models and Big Data: Zoning and Graph Building with Traditional Surveys, FCD and GIS

Rindstad, B.I. Co Author Listing * Managing Geological Profiles in Databases for 3D Visualisation

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