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Rumpe, B. Co Author Listing * Supporting Agile Change Management by Scenario-Based Regression Simulation

Rumpf, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Finite Element Method for Large Scale Image Processing, An
* Anisotropic Curvature Motion for Structure Enhancing Smoothing of 3D MR Angiography Data
* Bézier Curves in the Space of Images
* Continuum Mechanical Approach to Geodesics in Shape Space, A
* Convergence of the Time Discrete Metamorphosis Model on Hadamard Manifolds
* Discrete Geodesic Calculus in Shape Space and Applications in the Space of Viscous Fluidic Objects
* Elasticity Approach to Principal Modes of Shape Variation, An
* Elasticity-Based Covariance Analysis of Shapes, An
* Geodesics in Shape Space via Variational Time Discretization
* Identification of Grain Boundary Contours at Atomic Scale
* Image Extrapolation for the Time Discrete Metamorphosis Model: Existence and Applications
* Interactive Motion Segmentation
* Joint ToF Image Denoising and Registration with a CT Surface in Radiation Therapy
* Learning low bending and low distortion manifold embeddings
* Level Set Segmentation in Graphics Hardware
* Multiscale Joint Segmentation and Registration of Image Morphology
* Mumford-Shah Model for One-to-One Edge Matching
* Non-rigid morphological image registration and its practical issues
* Nonlinear Elastic Shape Averaging Approach, A
* On Geometric Evolution and Cascadic Multigrid in Subdivision
* Processing textured surfaces via anisotropic geometric diffusion
* Reconstructing Optical Flow Fields by Motion Inpainting
* Shell PCA: Statistical Shape Modelling in Shell Space
* SL(2) Invariant Shape Median, An
* Splines for Image Metamorphosis
* Sulci Detection in Photos of the Human Cortex Based on Learned Discriminative Dictionaries
* Time Discrete Extrapolation in a Riemannian Space of Images
* Time Discrete Geodesic Paths in the Space of Images
* Time Discrete Geodesics in Deep Feature Spaces for Image Morphing
* Transport Based Image Morphing with Intensity Modulation
* Variational Approach to Joint Denoising, Edge Detection and Motion Estimation, A
* Variational Framework for Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Restoration of Motion-Blurred Video, A
Includes: Rumpf, M. Rumpf, M.[Martin]
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Rumpff, L.[Libby] Co Author Listing * Using Remote Sensing to Estimate Understorey Biomass in Semi-Arid Woodlands of South-Eastern Australia

Rumpler, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Globally Optimal Multi View Dense Matching for Aerial Images
* Evaluations on multi-scale camera networks for precise and geo-accurate reconstructions from aerial and terrestrial images with user guidance
* Online Feedback for Structure-from-Motion Image Acquisition
* Probabilistic Range Image Integration for DSM and True-Orthophoto Generation
* UAV-Based Autonomous Image Acquisition with Multi-view Stereo Quality Assurance by Confidence Prediction
* Using Self-Contradiction to Learn Confidence Measures in Stereo Vision
Includes: Rumpler, M. Rumpler, M.[Markus]

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