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Sajed, D.P.[Dipti P.] Co Author Listing * PathAL: An Active Learning Framework for Histopathology Image Analysis

Sajedi, H.[Hedieh] Co Author Listing * Convolution neural network joint with mixture of extreme learning machines for feature extraction and classification of accident images
* Detection of Cortical Demantia in MRI Images Using Convolutional Autoencoder Neural Network
* Integration of colour and uniform interlaced derivative patterns for object tracking
* Region based Image Steganalysis using Artificial Bee Colony
Includes: Sajedi, H.[Hedieh] Sajedi, H.

Sajeev, S. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Breast Masses in Local Dense Background Using Adaptive Clip Limit-CLAHE
* Structured Micro-Pattern Based LBP Features for Classification of Masses in Dense Breasts
* Superpixel texture analysis for classification of breast masses in dense background
Includes: Sajeev, S. Sajeev, S.[Shelda]

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