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Sarhadi, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive two-pass rank order filter to remove impulse noise in highly corrupted images
* Building Temporal Models for Gesture Recognition
* non-linear model of shape and motion for tracking finger spelt American sign language, A
* Non-linear statistical models for the 3D reconstruction of human pose and motion from monocular image sequences
* Reconstructing 3d Pose and Motion from a Single Camera View
Includes: Sarhadi, M. Sarhadi, M.[Mansoor]

Sarhan, A. Co Author Listing * Advances in Crowd Analysis for Urban Applications Through Urban Event Detection
* H-OCS: A Hybrid Optic Cup Segmentation of Retinal Images
* Transfer Learning Through Weighted Loss Function and Group Normalization for Vessel Segmentation from Retinal Images
* Utilizing Transfer Learning and a Customized Loss Function for Optic Disc Segmentation from Retinal Images
Includes: Sarhan, A. Sarhan, A.[Abdullah]

Sarhan, A.M. Co Author Listing * Partition-Based Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration

Sarhan, E.[Ebada] Co Author Listing * Post classification using Cellular Automata for Landsat images in developing countries
* Road extraction framework by using cellular neural network from remote sensing images

Sarhan, M.H.[Mhd Hasan] Co Author Listing * Deep Attention Based Semi-supervised 2d-pose Estimation for Surgical Instruments
* Fairness by Learning Orthogonal Disentangled Representations
* Microaneurysms segmentation and diabetic retinopathy detection by learning discriminative representations

Sarhan, N.[Noha] Co Author Listing * Sign, Attend and Tell: Spatial Attention for Sign Language Recognition
* Transfer Learning For Videos: From Action Recognition To Sign Language Recognition
Includes: Sarhan, N.[Noha] Sarhan, N.

Sarhan, N.J.[Nabil J.] Co Author Listing * Client-Driven Price Selection for Scalable Video Streaming with Advertisements
* Detailed Performance and Waiting-Time Predictability Analysis of Scheduling Options in On-Demand Video Streaming
* Experimental Analysis of Optimal Bandwidth Allocation in Computer Vision Systems
* Scalable Solution for Interactive Near Video-on-Demand Systems, A
* Workload-Aware Resource Sharing and Cache Management for Scalable Video Streaming
Includes: Sarhan, N.J.[Nabil J.] Sarhan, N.J.

Sarhan, S.[Shahenda] Co Author Listing * Cryptographic keys exchange model for smart city applications

Sarhangnejad, N.[Navid] Co Author Listing * Coded Two-Bucket Cameras for Computer Vision

Sarhosis, V.[Vasilis] Co Author Listing * Destructive M6.2 Petrinja Earthquake (Croatia) in 2020: Preliminary Multidisciplinary Research
* Feasibility Study of Low-cost Image-based Heritage Documentation In Nepal
* Share Our Cultural Heritage (SOCH): Worldwide 3D Heritage Reconstruction and Visualization via Web and Mobile GIS
Includes: Sarhosis, V.[Vasilis] Sarhosis, V.

Sarhrouni, E. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral images classification and Dimensionality Reduction using Homogeneity feature and mutual information
* Improved filter algorithm using inequality fano to select bands for HSI classification

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