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Skakun, R.[Rob] Co Author Listing * Extending the National Burned Area Composite Time Series of Wildfires in Canada
* Improved k-NN Mapping of Forest Attributes in Northern Canada Using Spaceborne L-Band SAR, Multispectral and LiDAR Data
* Multisource Vegetation Inventory (MVI): A Satellite-Based Forest Inventory for the Northwest Territories Taiga Plains, The

Skakun, R.S.[Rob S.] Co Author Listing * Four National Maps of Broad Forest Type Provide Inconsistent Answers to the Question of What Burns in Canada

Skakun, S.[Sergii] Co Author Listing * Assessing within-Field Corn and Soybean Yield Variability from WorldView-3, Planet, Sentinel-2, and Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery
* High-Resolution Mapping of Winter Cereals in Europe by Time Series Landsat and Sentinel Images for 2016-2020
* Intercomparison of Machine-Learning Methods for Estimating Surface Shortwave and Photosynthetically Active Radiation
* Method for Landsat and Sentinel 2 (HLS) BRDF Normalization, A
* MODIS-Based AVHRR Cloud and Snow Separation Algorithm
* Multisensor approach to land use and land cover mapping in Brazilian Amazon
* Prior Season Crop Type Masks for Winter Wheat Yield Forecasting: A US Case Study
* Remote Sensing of Coconut Trees in Tonga Using Very High Spatial Resolution WorldView-3 Data
* Winter Wheat Yield Assessment from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Data: Incorporating Surface Reflectance, Through Phenological Fitting, into Regression Yield Models
* Within-Field Rice Yield Estimation Based on Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
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