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Slagel, J.T.[J. Tanner] Co Author Listing * Iterative Sampled Methods for Massive and Separable Nonlinear Inverse Problems

Slagle, J.R. Co Author Listing * Applications of Game Tree Searching Techniques to Sequential Pattern Recognition
* Clustering and Data Reorganizing Algorithm, A
* Experimental-Study of an Object Recognition System That Learns, An
* Experiments with Some Cluster Analysis Algorithms
* Finding a good figure that approximately passes through given points
* Freedom descriptions: A way to find figures that approximate given points
* Knowledge-Based System for the Image Correspondence Problem, A
* KOR: A Knowledge-Based Object Recognition System
Includes: Slagle, J.R. Slagle, J.R.[James R.]
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Slagmolen, P. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Nonrigid Image Registration Using Conditional Mutual Information
* Nonrigid Registration of Multitemporal CT and MR Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Includes: Slagmolen, P. Slagmolen, P.[Pieter]

Slagter, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1 SAR Backscatter Analysis Ready Data Preparation in Google Earth Engine

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