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Styner, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * 3D Tensor Normalization for Improved Accuracy in DTI Tensor Registration Methods
* Automatic and Robust Computation of 3D Medial Models Incorporating Object Variability
* Entropy-based correspondence improvement of interpolated skeletal models
* Fitting Skeletal Object Models Using Spherical Harmonics Based Template Warping
* FRATS: Functional Regression Analysis of DTI Tract Statistics
* Group-Wise Hub Identification by Learning Common Graph Embeddings on Grassmannian Manifold
* Learning Common Harmonic Waves on Stiefel Manifold: A New Mathematical Approach for Brain Network Analyses
* Longitudinal Image Registration With Temporally-Dependent Image Similarity Measure
* Multi-Object Analysis of Volume, Pose, and Shape Using Statistical Discrimination
* Multivariate nonlinear mixed model to analyze longitudinal image data: MRI study of early brain development
* Object models in multiscale intrinsic coordinates via m-reps
* Parametric estimate of intensity inhomogeneities applied to MRI
* Pre-organizing Shape Instances for Landmark-Based Shape Correspondence
* Registration of Developmental Image Sequences with Missing Data
* Shape Analysis of Brain Ventricles Using SPHARM
* Simple Geodesic Regression for Image Time-Series
* Skeletal Shape Correspondence Through Entropy
* Spatiotemporal Modeling for Image Time Series with Appearance Change: Application to Early Brain Development
* Statistical Shape Analysis of Multi-Object Complexes
* Temporally-Dependent Image Similarity Measure for Longitudinal Analysis
* Three-Dimensional Medial Shape Representation Incorporating Object Variability
* TwinMARM: Two-Stage Multiscale Adaptive Regression Methods for Twin Neuroimaging Data
Includes: Styner, M.[Martin] Styner, M.
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Styner, M.A. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* TRACE: A Topological Graph Representation for Automatic Sulcal Curve Extraction
Includes: Styner, M.A. Styner, M.A.[Martin A.]

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