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Suddamalla, U. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Algorithm of Automated Ground Truth Generation and Validation for Lane Detection System by M^2 BMT
* Multi-Input Fusion for Practical Pedestrian Intention Prediction
Includes: Suddamalla, U. Suddamalla, U.[Upendra]

Suddarth, S. Co Author Listing * Moving object detection for vehicle tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery using 4D filtering
* Point Cloud Object Segmentation Using Multi Elevation-Layer 2D Bounding-Boxes
Includes: Suddarth, S. Suddarth, S.[Steve]

Sudderth, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Scene Reconstruction With Multi-Layer Depth and Epipolar Transformers
* Adaptive Video Segmentation: Theory and Real-Time Implementation
Includes: Sudderth, E. Sudderth, E.[Erik]

Sudderth, E.B.[Erik B.] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Detection with Latent Support Surfaces
* Clouds of Oriented Gradients for 3D Detection of Objects, Surfaces, and Indoor Scene Layouts
* Depth from Familiar Objects: A Hierarchical Model for 3D Scenes
* Describing Visual Scenes Using Transformed Objects and Parts
* Distributed Occlusion Reasoning for Tracking with Nonparametric Belief Propogation
* Fully-Connected Layered Model of Foreground and Background Flow, A
* Fusion Approach for Multi-Frame Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on Bayesian Nonparametrics
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Probabilistic Graphical Models
* Image Denoising with Nonparametric Hidden Markov Trees
* Layered RGBD scene flow estimation
* Layered segmentation and optical flow estimation over time
* Learning Hierarchical Models of Scenes, Objects, and Parts
* Learning Multiscale Representations of Natural Scenes Using Dirichlet Processes
* Nonparametric belief propagation
* Nonparametric Belief Propagation and Facial Appearance Estimation
* Nonparametric discovery of activity patterns from video collections
* Nonparametric learning for layered segmentation of natural images
* Simple and Effective Fusion Approach for Multi-frame Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Three-Dimensional Object Detection and Layout Prediction Using Clouds of Oriented Gradients
* Visual Hand Tracking Using Nonparametric Belief Propagation
Includes: Sudderth, E.B.[Erik B.] Sudderth, E.B.
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Sudduth, K.A.[Kenneth A] Co Author Listing * Deep transfer learning of global spectra for local soil carbon monitoring
* Evaluation of Cotton Emergence Using UAV-Based Narrow-Band Spectral Imagery with Customized Image Alignment and Stitching Algorithms
Includes: Sudduth, K.A.[Kenneth A] Sudduth, K.A.[Kenneth A.]

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