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Tade, S.I.L.[Sun Il L.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid deep emperor penguin classifier algorithm-based image quality assessment for visualisation application in HDR environments
Includes: Tade, S.I.L.[Sun Il L.] Tade, S.I.L.[Sun-Il L.]

Tadehara, N. Co Author Listing * Rough and Accurate Segmentation of Natural Color Images Using Fuzzy Region-growing Algorithm

Tadenuma, M. Co Author Listing * Baseball Video Indexing Using Patternization of Scenes and Hidden Markov Model

Tadeo, F. Co Author Listing * Classification of Microorganisms Using Image Processing Techniques
* Detection of Phases in Sugar Crystallization Using Wavelets

Tadesse, G.A.[Girmaw Abebe] Co Author Listing * Pattern detection in the activation space for identifying synthesized content
* Privacy-Aware Human Activity Recognition From a Wearable Camera: Highlights From the IEEE Video And Image Processing Cup 2019 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
Includes: Tadesse, G.A.[Girmaw Abebe] Tadesse, G.A.

Tadesse, T.[Tsegaye] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Drought Assessment in East Asia Using Satellite-Based Indices
* Building A High-Resolution Vegetation Outlook Model to Monitor Agricultural Drought for the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
* Developing a Remote Sensing-Based Combined Drought Indicator Approach for Agricultural Drought Monitoring over Marathwada, India
* Drought Prediction System for Improved Climate Change Mitigation
* Estimation of Daily Air Temperature Based on MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products over the Corn Belt in the US
* Evaluation of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates and Application to Monitor Meteorological Drought for the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
* Exploring VIIRS Continuity with MODIS in an Expedited Capability for Monitoring Drought-Related Vegetation Conditions
* Forest Drought Response Index (ForDRI): A New Combined Model to Monitor Forest Drought in the Eastern United States
* Monitoring Residual Soil Moisture and Its Association to the Long-Term Variability of Rainfall over the Upper Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia
* Multi-Dimensional Drought Assessment in Abbay/Upper Blue Nile Basin: The Importance of Shared Management and Regional Coordination Efforts for Mitigation
* new approach for predicting drought-related vegetation stress: Integrating satellite, climate, and biophysical data over the U.S. central plains, A
* Soil Moisture Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Data and a Stepwise-Cluster Prediction Model: The Case of Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Includes: Tadesse, T.[Tsegaye] Tadesse, T.
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Tadeucci, J.[Jacopo] Co Author Listing * Temperature and Emissivity Separation Draping Algorithm Applied to Hyperspectral Infrared Data

Tadeusiewicz, R.[Ryszard] Co Author Listing * Artificial intelligence structural imaging techniques in visual pattern analysis and medical data understanding
* Assessment of dots and globules in dermoscopic color images as one of the 7-point check list criteria
* Cognitive Approach to Visual Data Interpretation in Medical Information and Recognition Systems
* Graph image language techniques supporting radiological, hand image interpretations
* Image languages in intelligent radiological palm diagnostics
* Mathematical Linguistics in Cognitive Medical Image Interpretation Systems

Tadeusz, D. Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks in 3D Object Recognition System

Tadevosyan, V.[Vahram] Co Author Listing * Image Completion with Heterogeneously Filtered Spectral Hints

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