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Talma, J.D.[Jean Daniel] Co Author Listing * Digital and Handcrafting Processes Applied to Sound-Studies of Archaeological Bone Flutes
Includes: Talma, J.D.[Jean Daniel] Talma, J.D.[Jean-Daniel]

Talmage, D. Co Author Listing * Uncalibrated X-Ray Stereo Reconstruction

Talmi, I.[Itamar] Co Author Listing * Contextual Loss for Image Transformation with Non-aligned Data, The
* Maintaining Natural Image Statistics with the Contextual Loss
* Template Matching with Deformable Diversity Similarity

Talmi, K.[Kay] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Talmi, K.[Kay]: elvis AT cs tu-berlin de
* Eye and gaze tracking for visually controlled interactive stereoscopic displays

Talmi, M. Co Author Listing * Motion-Compensating Real-Time Format Converter for Video on Multimedia Displays

Talmon, R. Co Author Listing * DIMAL: Deep Isometric Manifold Learning Using Sparse Geodesic Sampling
* Graph-Based Supervised Automatic Target Detection
* Intrinsic Isometric Manifold Learning with Application to Localization
* Statistical Tomography of Microscopic Life
Includes: Talmon, R. Talmon, R.[Ronen]

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