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Taskanat, T. Co Author Listing * Georeferencing Accuracy Assessment of Pléiades 1A Images Using Rational Function Model
* Pléiades Project: Assessment Of Georeferencing Accuracy, Image Quality, Pansharpening Performence And DSM/DTM Quality
Includes: Taskanat, T. Taskanat, T.[Talha]

Taskar, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Adaptive pose priors for pictorial structures
* Application of trace-norm and low-rank matrix decomposition for computational anatomy
* Cascaded Models for Articulated Pose Estimation
* Detecting and parsing architecture at city scale from range data
* Discriminative Learning of Markov Random Fields for Segmentation of 3D Scan Data
* Dynamic Structured Model Selection
* Generative-Discriminative Basis Learning for Medical Imaging
* Learning from ambiguously labeled images
* MODEC: Multimodal Decomposable Models for Human Pose Estimation
* Movie/Script: Alignment and Parsing of Video and Text Transcription
* Object detection via boundary structure segmentation
* Parsing human motion with stretchable models
* Salient Montages from Unconstrained Videos
* SCALPEL: Segmentation Cascades with Localized Priors and Efficient Learning
* Shape-Based Object Detection via Boundary Structure Segmentation
* Summarizing Unconstrained Videos Using Salient Montages
* Talking pictures: Temporal grouping and dialog-supervised person recognition
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
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Taskaya, S.[Selim] Co Author Listing * Improving the Spatial Accuracy of UAV Platforms Using Direct Georeferencing Methods: An Application for Steep Slopes

Taskaya, T. Co Author Listing * Interactive Visual User Interfaces: A Survey

Taskhiri, M.S.[Mohammad Sadegh] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Methods for Under-Canopy Unmanned Aircraft System Based Photogrammetry in Complex Forests for Tree Diameter Measurement
* Forest Structural Complexity Tool: An Open Source, Fully-Automated Tool for Measuring Forest Point Clouds
* Sensor Agnostic Semantic Segmentation of Structurally Diverse and Complex Forest Point Clouds Using Deep Learning

Taskin, G. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Object Based Machine Learning Classifications Of Planetscope and Worldview-3 Satellite Images for Land Use / Cover
* Detection of Shallow Water Area With Machine Learning Algorithms
* Feature Selection Based on High Dimensional Model Representation for Hyperspectral Images
* Out-of-Sample Extension to Manifold Learning via Meta-Modeling, An

Taskin, K.[Kasim] Co Author Listing * Calibration-free Structure-from-motion with Calibrated Radial Trifocal Tensors

Taskiran, C.M. Co Author Listing * Camera Motion-Based Analysis of User Generated Video
* compressed video database structured for active browsing and search, A
* Detection of unique people in news programs using multimodal shot clustering
* Stochastic Models of Video Structure for Program Genre Detection
* ViBE: a new paradigm for video database browsing and search
Includes: Taskiran, C.M. Taskiran, C.M.[Cuneyt M.]

Taskiran, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Hybrid face recognition under adverse conditions using appearance-based and dynamic features of smile expression

Taskou, S.K. Co Author Listing * Fast Water-Filling Method for Sum-Power Minimization in OFDMA Networks

Taskovski, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive lifting integer wavelet transform for lossless image compression
* Real-time TV commercial monitoring based on robust visual hashing

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