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ter Braak, C.J.F.[Cajo J.F.] Co Author Listing * Selection properties of type II maximum likelihood (empirical Bayes) in linear models with individual variance components for predictors

ter Haar Romeny, B.M.[Bart M.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: ter Haar Romeny, B.M.[Bart M.]: B M terHaarRomeny AT tue nl
* Active shape model segmentation with optimal features
* Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Its Variations
* Analysis and 3D Display of 30 MHz Intravascular Ultrasound Images
* Analysis of Vessel Connectivities in Retinal Images by Cortically Inspired Spectral Clustering
* Applications of Locally Orderless Images
* Area-Based Computation of Stereo Disparity with Model-Based Window Size Selection
* Artery/vein classification using reflection features in retina fundus images
* Automatic detection of abnormalities in chest radiographs using local texture analysis
* Automatic Optic Disc and Fovea Detection in Retinal Images Using Super-Elliptical Convergence Index Filters
* Binocular Stereo from Grey-Scale Images
* Biologically-Inspired Supervised Vasculature Segmentation in SLO Retinal Fundus Images
* Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Cartesian Differential Invariants in Scale-Space
* Color differential structure
* Combining Different Types of Scale Space Interest Points Using Canonical Sets
* complete and irreducible set of local orthogonally invariant features of 2-dimensional images, A
* Computational Method for Segmenting Topological Point-Sets and Application to Image Analysis, A
* Computer-aided diagnosis in chest radiography: a survey
* Conservative Image Transformations with Restoration and Scale-Space Properties
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Multiscale Top Points: A Feasibility Study
* Curvature Estimation for Enhancement of Crossing Curves
* Curvature Integration in a 5D Kernel for Extracting Vessel Connections in Retinal Images
* Detection of Critical Structures in Scale Space
* Detection of elongated structures by using invertible angular representations of scalar images
* Differential and Integral Geometry of Linear Scale Spaces
* Differential structure of images: accuracy of representation
* Discrete Representation of Top Points via Scale Space Tessellation
* Dynamic Scale-Space Paradigm, A
* Dynamic Scale-Space Theories
* Efficient and Reliable Schemes for Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Efficient Method for Tensor Voting Using Steerable Filters, An
* Extraction of Cardiac Motion Using Scale-Space Features Points and Gauged Reconstruction
* Families of Tuned Scale-Space Kernels
* Fast and Accurate Gaussian Derivatives Based on B-Splines
* Feature Coding with a Statistically Independent Cortical Representation
* Feature Vector Similarity Based on Local Structure
* Fiber Enhancement in Diffusion-Weighted MRI
* Frame-Relative Critical Point Sets in Image Analysis
* Front-End Vision and Multi-Scale Image Analysis: Multi-scale Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Written in Mathematica
* Gaussian Scale-Space Paradigm and the Multiscale Local Jet, The
* General Framework For Geometry-Driven Evolution-Equations, A
* General Intensity Transformations and Differential Invariants
* Geometry-Driven Diffusion in Computer Vision
* Guest Editorial: Scale-Space and Variational Methods
* Higher order differential structure of images
* Illustrative uncertainty visualization of DTI fiber pathways
* Image Analysis and Reconstruction using a Wavelet Transform Constructed from a Reducible Representation of the Euclidean Motion Group
* Image Reconstruction from Multiscale Critical Points
* Images: Regular Tempered Distributions
* Invertible Apertured Orientation Filters in Image Analysis
* Invertible Orientation Bundles on 2D Scalar Images
* Linear Image Reconstruction by Sobolev Norms on the Bounded Domain
* Linear Image Reconstruction Framework Based on Sobolev Type Inner Products, A
* Linear Scale-Space
* Linear Scale-Space I: Basic Theory
* Linear Scale-Space II: Early Visual Operators
* Linear Scale-Space Theory from Physical Principles
* Linearised Euclidean Shortening Flow of Curve Geometry
* Local and Multilocal Scale-Space Description
* Multi-Orientation Analysis Approach to Retinal Vessel Tracking, A
* Multi-scale Feature Based Optic Flow Method for 3D Cardiac Motion Estimation, A
* Multi-scale texture classification from generalized locally orderless images
* Multiscale Approach to Image Sequence-Analysis
* Multiscale Segmentation of Three-Dimensional MR Brain Images
* Multiscale Taylor Series Approaches to Optic Flow and Stereo: A Generalization of Optic Flow Under the Aperture, A
* Multivalued Geodesic Ray-Tracing for Computing Brain Connections Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging
* Non-Linear Gray-Level Appearance Model Improves Active Shape Model Segmentation, A
* Nonlinear Diffusion of Scalar Images using Well-Posed Differential Operators with Applications in Medical Imaging
* Nonlinear Diffusion on the 2D Euclidean Motion Group
* Nonlinear Scale-Space
* Numerical Analysis and Applications of Geometry-Driven Diffusion
* Object Matching in the Presence of Non-Rigid Deformations Close to Similarities
* On Image Reconstruction from Multiscale Top Points
* On the Axioms of Scale Space Theory
* On the Duality of Scalar and Density Flows
* On Topological Deep-Structure Segmentation
* Optic flow based on multi-scale anchor point movement and discontinuity-preserving regularization
* Optic Flow from Multi-scale Dynamic Anchor Point Attributes
* Optic Flow Using Multi-scale Anchor Points
* Optic Nerve Head Detection via Group Correlations in Multi-orientation Transforms
* Parallel Implementations of AOS Schemes: A Fast Way of Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* ray tracing method for geodesic based tractography in diffusion tensor images, A
* Retinal Microaneurysms Detection Using Local Convergence Index Features
* Retinal vessel delineation using a brain-inspired wavelet transform and random forest
* Robust and Fast Vessel Segmentation via Gaussian Derivatives in Orientation Scores
* Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Locally Adaptive Derivative Frames in Orientation Scores
* Scale and the Differential Structure of Images
* Scale-Space Texture Classification Using Combined Classifiers
* Scale-Space: Its Natural Operators and Differential Invariants
* Scale-time kernels and models
* Spatial Derivatives and the Propagation of Noise in Gaussian Scale Space
* Spatiotemporal Operators and Optic Flow
* Special Issue on the Second International Conference on Scale Space Theory in Computer Vision, Guest Editors' Comments
* Stability of Top-Points in Scale Space
* Template Matching via Densities on the Roto-Translation Group
* Top-Points as Interest Points for Image Matching
* Topological Numbers and Singularities in Scalar Images: Scale-Space Evolution Properties
* Training of Templates for Object Recognition in Invertible Orientation Scores: Application to Optic Nerve Head Detection in Retinal Images
Includes: ter Haar Romeny, B.M.[Bart M.] ter Haar Romeny, B.M. Ter Haar Romeny, B.M.
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ter Haar, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Single spin image-ICP matching for efficient 3D object recognition

ter Haar, F.B.[Frank B.] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Model Fitting for Recognition
* Automatic bootstrapping of a morphable face model using multiple components
* Automatic detection of the optic disc, fovea and vacular arch in digital color photographs of the retina
* Human-Robot Interaction During Virtual Reality Mediated Teleoperation: How Environment Information Affects Spatial Task Performance and Operator Situation Awareness
* SHREC 2009: Shape Retrieval Contest
Includes: ter Haar, F.B.[Frank B.] ter Haar, F.B. Ter Haar, F.B.[Frank B.]

ter Horst, G.J.[Gert J.] Co Author Listing * Bounded multivariate surfaces on monovariate internal functions

ter Horst, R.[Roel] Co Author Listing * Evolution of stereoscopic and three-dimensional video
* MUPCOS: A multi-purpose coding scheme

ter Huurne, F.M.[Fleur M.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Framework for the Characterization of the Complete Mitral Valve Geometry for the Development of a Population-Averaged Model, A

ter Maat, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Building Autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listeners
* Come and have an emotional workout with sensitive artificial listeners!

ter Meulen, V. Co Author Listing * Statistical Evaluation of Computer Markers to Detect Leukemias

Ter Mikaelian, M.T.[Michael T.] Co Author Listing * Does Earlier and Increased Spring Plant Growth Lead to Reduced Summer Soil Moisture and Plant Growth on Landscapes Typical of Tundra-Taiga Interface?
Includes: Ter Mikaelian, M.T.[Michael T.] Ter-Mikaelian, M.T.[Michael T.]

ter Morsche, H.G. Co Author Listing * Derivative-Based Fast Autofocus Method in Electron Microscopy, A

Ter Sarkisov, A. Co Author Listing * Bootstrapping Labelled Dataset Construction for Cow Tracking and Behavior Analysis
* One Shot Model for COVID-19 Classification and Lesions Segmentation in Chest CT Scans Using Long Short-Term Memory Network With Attention Mechanism
Includes: Ter Sarkisov, A. Ter-Sarkisov, A. Ter-Sarkisov, A.[Aram]

Ter Vardanyan, L. Co Author Listing * Modelling of Biometric Identification System with Given Parameters Using Colored Petri Nets
Includes: Ter Vardanyan, L. Ter-Vardanyan, L.

Ter Vardanyan, L.A. Co Author Listing * Modeling of Biometric Identification System Using the Colored Petri Nets
Includes: Ter Vardanyan, L.A. Ter-Vardanyan, L.A.

ter Voert, M.[Marieke] Co Author Listing * Recent Practical Applications of Close-Range Photogrammetry for Complex Motion Study

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