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Tougher, B.[Brendan] Co Author Listing * Building a Practical Multi-Sensor Platform for Monitoring Vessel Activity near Marine Protected Areas: Case Studies from Urban and Remote Locations

Tougne, L. Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D Visibility in Discrete Geometry: An Application to Discrete Geodesic Paths
* 3D Tracker for Ground-Moving Objects, A
* Automatic Land Cover Reconstruction From Historical Aerial Images: An Evaluation of Features Extraction and Classification Algorithms
* Computation of Binary Objects Sides Number using Discrete Geometry, Application to Automatic Pebbles Shape Analysis
* Discrete Average of Two-Dimensional Shapes
* Discrete Curvature Based on Osculating Circle Estimation
* Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
* Distance Transformation on Two-Dimensional Irregular Isothetic Grids
* DriPE: A Dataset for Human Pose Estimation in Real-World Driving Settings
* Dynamic Reconstruction of Complex Planar Objects on Irregular Isothetic Grids
* Euclidean Distance-Based Skeletons: A Few Notes on Average Outward Flux and Ridgeness
* Extracting Noise-Resistant Skeleton on Digital Shapes for Graph Matching
* Hierarchical skeleton for shape matching
* Leaf margins as sequences: A structural approach to leaf identification
* Measure of circularity for parts of digital boundaries and its fast computation
* model-based approach for compound leaves understanding and identification, A
* Multigrid Convergence and Surface Area Estimation
* New Coin Segmentation and Graph-Based Identification Method for Numismatic Application, A
* Noise-resistant Digital Euclidean Connected Skeleton for graph-based shape matching
* Novel Algorithm for Distance Transformation on Irregular Isothetic Grids, A
* On Three Constrained Versions of the Digital Circular Arc Recognition Problem
* Parametric Active Polygon for Leaf Segmentation and Shape Estimation, A
* Robust decomposition of a digital curve into convex and concave parts
* Semantic Segmentation Post-processing with Colorized Pairwise Potentials and Deep Edges
* Separable algorithms for distance transformations on irregular grids
* Space-time spectral model for object detection in dynamic textured background
* Special section on background models comparison
* testing framework for background subtraction algorithms comparison in intrusion detection context, A
* Topological and geometrical reconstruction of complex objects on irregular isothetic grids
* Toward Polygonalisation of Thick Discrete Arcs
* Training An Embedded Object Detector for Industrial Settings Without Real Images
* Tree Leaves Extraction in Natural Images: Comparative Study of Preprocessing Tools and Segmentation Methods
* Two-Dimensional Discrete Morphing
* Two-Dimensional Discrete Shape Matching and Recognition
* Understanding leaves in natural images: A model-based approach for tree species identification
* Unsupervised Video Analysis for Counting of Wood in River during Floods
* What Does Digital Straightness Tell about Digital Convexity?
* Wood Detection and Tracking in Videos of Rivers
Includes: Tougne, L. Tougne, L.[Laure] Tougne, L.[Laures]
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