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Utsugi, K.[Kei] Co Author Listing * Analysis for reproduced light field of 3D displays
* Seam carving for stereo images
* Stereo Image Retargeting with Shift-Map

Utsumi, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Human Motion Tracking Using Non-synchronous Multiple Viewpoint Observations
* Analyzing Video Sequences of Multiple Humans: Tracking, Posture Estimation and Behavior Recognition
* Attention Monitoring Based on Temporal Signal-Behavior Structures
* Attention Monitoring for Music Contents Based on Analysis of Signal-Behavior Structures
* body-mounted camera system for head-pose estimation and user-view image synthesis, A
* Elderly driver retraining using automatic evaluation system of safe driving skill
* Gaze Direction Estimation with a Single Camera Based on Four Reference Points and Three Calibration Images
* Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Multiple Cameras
* Hand Image Segmentation Using Sequential-Image-Based Hierarchical Adaptation
* Human detection using geometrical pixel value structures
* Human Distribution Estimation Using Shape Projection Model Based on Multiple-Viewpoint Observations
* Human tracking using multiple-camera-based head appearance modeling
* Image Segmentation for Human Tracking using Sequential-Image-Based Hierarchical Adaptation
* Multiple Camera Calibration with Bundled Optimization using Silhouette Geometry Constraints
* Multiple-Hand-Gesture Tracking Using Multiple Cameras
* Multiple-Human Tracking Using Multiple Cameras
* Multiple-View-Based Tracking of Multiple Humans
* Novel Wearable System for Capturing User View Images, A
* Remote and head-motion-free gaze tracking for real environments with automated head-eye model calibrations
* Signal Classification of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Based on the Hemispherical-Conical Reflectance Factor Spectrum Shape in the Yellow and Red Regions
* Texture adaptation for human tracking using statistical shape model
* View-based detection of 3-D interaction between hands and real objects
Includes: Utsumi, A.[Akira] Utsumi, A.
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Utsumi, Y.[Yuzuko] Co Author Listing * Distortion-Adaptive Grape Bunch Counting for Omnidirectional Images
* Event Detection Based on Noisy Object Information
* Face tracking by using omnidirectional sensor network
* Fast search based on generalized similarity measure
* Individuality-Preserving Silhouette Extraction for Gait Recognition and Its Speedup
* Unsupervised Feature Selection and Category Classification for a Vision-Based Mobile Robot
* Where Are You Looking At? - Feature-Based Eye Tracking on Unmodified Tablets
Includes: Utsumi, Y.[Yuzuko] Utsumi, Y. Utsumi, Y.[Yuya]
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Utsumiya, K.[Kouichi] Co Author Listing * Development of interactive image editing operations for texture design
* Interactive Graphics Rendering Optimizer Based on Immune Algorithm, An

Utsunomiya, T.[Takehito] Co Author Listing * Optical image indexed document filer

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