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Vanhaeren, N.[Nina] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Young People's Area Estimation of Countries and Continents
* On the Right Track: Comfort and Confusion in Indoor Environments
* User Preferences on Route Instruction Types for Mobile Indoor Route Guidance

VanHam, P. Co Author Listing * Tracking of Migrating Cells Under Phase-Contrast Video Microscopy With Combined Mean-Shift Processes

Vanhamel, I.[Iris] Co Author Listing * Graph Cuts Approach to MRF Based Linear Feature Extraction in Satellite Images
* Hierarchical Markovian Model for Multiscale Region-Based Classification of Vector-Valued Images, A
* Hierarchical segmentation using dynamics of multi-scale color gradient watersheds
* Hierarchical segmentation via a diffusion scheme in color/texture feature space
* JPSearch: An answer to the lack of standardization in mobile image retrieval
* Multiscale gradient watersheds of color images
* Multiscale Graph Theory Based Color Segmentation
* Nonlinear Multiscale Graph Theory based Segmentation of Color Images
* Nonlinear Probabilistic Curvature Motion Filter for Positron Emission Tomography Images, A
* Scale Selection for Compact Scale-Space Representation of Vector-Valued Images
* Scale Space Segmentation of Color Images Using Watersheds and Fuzzy Region Merging
* Unsupervised watershed-driven region-based image retrieval
Includes: Vanhamel, I.[Iris] Vanhamel, I.
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Vanhaudenhuyse, A. Co Author Listing * DTI based structural damage characterization for Disorders of Consciousness

Vanhauwaert, E. Co Author Listing * Feasibility of expanding traffic monitoring systems with floating car data technology

Vanheeghe, P. Co Author Listing * Abrupt Change Detection Algorithm for Buried Landmines Localization, An
* Landmines Ground-Penetrating Radar Signal Enhancement by Digital Filtering

Vanhellemont, Q.[Quinten] Co Author Listing * Assessment of PRISMA water reflectance using autonomous hyperspectral radiometry
* Atmospheric Correction Inter-Comparison Exercise
* Atmospheric Corrections and Multi-Conditional Algorithm for Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing of Suspended Particulate Matter in Low-to-High Turbidity Levels Coastal Waters
* Combined land surface emissivity and temperature estimation from Landsat 8 OLI and TIRS
* Detecting and Quantifying a Massive Invasion of Floating Aquatic Plants in the Río de la Plata Turbid Waters Using High Spatial Resolution Ocean Color Imagery
* Extending Landsat 8: Retrieval of an Orange contra-Band for Inland Water Quality Applications
* Pan-and-Tilt Hyperspectral Radiometer System (PANTHYR) for Autonomous Satellite Validation Measurements: Prototype Design and Testing, The
* Potential of High Spatial and Temporal Ocean Color Satellite Data to Study the Dynamics of Suspended Particles in a Micro-Tidal River Plume
* Retrieval and Validation of Water Turbidity at Metre-Scale Using Pléiades Satellite Data: A Case Study in the Gironde Estuary
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Vanhellemont, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Application of Digital Technologies in the Restoration of Historic Buildings and Heritage Objects

Vanherle, B.[Bram] Co Author Listing * CAD2Render: A Modular Toolkit for GPU-accelerated Photorealistic Synthetic Data Generation for the Manufacturing Industry

Vanhevel, F. Co Author Listing * NOVIFAST: A Fast Algorithm for Accurate and Precise VFA MRI T_1 Mapping
* Unified Maximum Likelihood Framework for Simultaneous Motion and T_1 Estimation in Quantitative MR T_1 Mapping, A

Vanheyningen, M.D. Co Author Listing * PIC1: A Visual Database Interface

Vanhoey, K. Co Author Listing * DARN: A Deep Adversarial Residual Network for Intrinsic Image Decomposition
* DSLR-Quality Photos on Mobile Devices with Deep Convolutional Networks
* Repeated Pattern Detection Using CNN Activations
* Simplification of meshes with digitized radiance
* Sliced Wasserstein Loss for Neural Texture Synthesis, A
* WESPE: Weakly Supervised Photo Enhancer for Digital Cameras
Includes: Vanhoey, K. Vanhoey, K.[Kenneth]

Vanholme, B. Co Author Listing * Highly Automated Driving on Highways Based on Legal Safety
* Maneuver-Based Trajectory Planning for Highly Autonomous Vehicles on Real Road With Traffic and Driver Interaction

Vanhoof, B. Co Author Listing * scalable MPEG-4 wavelet-based visual texture compression system with optimized memory organization, A

Vanhoof, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Learning Stability Features on Sigmoid Fuzzy Cognitive Maps through a Swarm Intelligence Approach

Vanhoof, M.[Maarten] Co Author Listing * Mobile Phone Indicators and Their Relation to the Socioeconomic Organisation of Cities

Vanhoucke, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Going deeper with convolutions
* Real-Time Pedestrian Detection with Deep Network Cascades
* Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision
* YouTube-BoundingBoxes: A Large High-Precision Human-Annotated Data Set for Object Detection in Video
Includes: Vanhoucke, V.[Vincent] Vanhoucke, V.

Vanhoutte, A. Co Author Listing * learning environment for sign language, A

Vanhoutte, J.J. Co Author Listing * On the classification of congenital abnormalities from hand radiographs

Vanhove, C. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Data Completeness and Image Quality in Multiplexing Multi-Pinhole SPECT, The
* Perturbative Refinement of the Geometric Calibration in Pinhole SPECT

Vanhove, S. Co Author Listing * DOM2AFRAME: Putting the web back in WebVR

Vanhuffel, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Information Extraction from Visually Rich Documents with Font Style Embeddings

Vanhuysse, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Historical Panchromatic Orthomosaics in Central Africa
* Fully Convolutional Networks and Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis for the Classification of VHR Imagery
* Fully convolutional networks for land cover classification from historical panchromatic aerial photographs
* Fuzzy Multi-temporal Land-use Analysis and Mine Clearance Application
* Is It All the Same? Mapping and Characterizing Deprived Urban Areas Using WorldView-3 Superspectral Imagery. A Case Study in Nairobi, Kenya
* Mapping Urban Land Use at Street Block Level Using OpenStreetMap, Remote Sensing Data, and Spatial Metrics
* Modelling the Wealth Index of Demographic and Health Surveys within Cities Using Very High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Information
* Normalization in Unsupervised Segmentation Parameter Optimization: A Solution Based on Local Regression Trend Analysis
* Object-Based Classification of Spot and Aster Data Complemented with Data Derived from Modis Vegetation Indices Time Series in a Mediterranean Test-Site
* Open-Source Semi-Automated Processing Chain for Urban Object-Based Classification, An
* Role of Earth Observation in an Integrated Deprived Area Mapping System for Low-to-Middle Income Countries, The
* Scale Matters: Spatially Partitioned Unsupervised Segmentation Parameter Optimization for Large and Heterogeneous Satellite Images
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