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Wann, C.D. Co Author Listing * Application of Self-Organizing Neural Networks to Multiradar Data Fusion

Wann, J.P. Co Author Listing * Natural problems for stereoscopic depth perception in virtual environments

Wannasiri, W. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Mangrove Biophysical Parameters Using Airborne-LiDAR

Wanne, M.[Merja] Co Author Listing * practical approach to the 2D incremental nearest-point problem suitable for different point distributions, A

Wannenburg, J. Co Author Listing * Physical Activity Recognition From Smartphone Accelerometer Data for User Context Awareness Sensing

Wannenwetsch, A.S.[Anne S.] Co Author Listing * Learning Task-Specific Generalized Convolutions in the Permutohedral Lattice
* Probabilistic Pixel-Adaptive Refinement Networks
* ProbFlow: Joint Optical Flow and Uncertainty Estimation
* Stochastic Variational Inference with Gradient Linearization
Includes: Wannenwetsch, A.S.[Anne S.] Wannenwetsch, A.S.

Wanner, E.F.[Elizabeth F.] Co Author Listing * vision-based system to support tactical and physical analyses in futsal, A

Wanner, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification and Linguistic Analysis of Extremist Online Material
* Imageability-Based Multi-modal Analysis of Urban Environments for Architects and Artists
* Improving the Quality of Video-to-Language Models by Optimizing Annotation of the Training Material
* On the role of syntactic dependencies and discourse relations for author and gender identification

Wanner, S. Co Author Listing * Building camera arrays for light-field capture, display, and analysis
* Generating EPI Representations of 4D Light Fields with a Single Lens Focused Plenoptic Camera
* Globally consistent depth labeling of 4D light fields
* Globally Consistent Multi-label Assignment on the Ray Space of 4D Light Fields
* Reconstructing Reflective and Transparent Surfaces from Epipolar Plane Images
* Spatial and Angular Variational Super-Resolution of 4D Light Fields
* Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Light Field Depth Estimation Algorithms, A
* Variational Light Field Analysis for Disparity Estimation and Super-Resolution
* Variational Structure of Disparity and Regularization of 4D Light Fields, The
Includes: Wanner, S. Wanner, S.[Sven]
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Wannez, S. Co Author Listing * new computer vision-based system to help clinicians objectively assess visual pursuit with the moving mirror stimulus for the diagnosis of minimally conscious state, A

Wannous, H.[Hazem] Co Author Listing * 2D Deep Video Capsule Network with Temporal Shift for Action Recognition
* 3-D Human Action Recognition by Shape Analysis of Motion Trajectories on Riemannian Manifold
* 3D Hand Gesture Recognition by Analysing Set-of-Joints Trajectories
* 3D human motion analysis framework for shape similarity and retrieval
* Accurate 3D action recognition using learning on the Grassmann manifold
* Action Recognition from 3D Skeleton Sequences using Deep Networks on Lie Group Features
* Capsule Transformer Network for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Multimodal Data
* complete 3D wound assessment tool for accurate tissue classification and measurement, A
* Dual Perspective of Human Motion Analysis: 3D Pose Estimation and 2D Trajectory Prediction, A
* Enhanced Assessment of the Wound-Healing Process by Accurate Multiview Tissue Classification
* Extremal human curves: A new human body shape and pose descriptor
* FirstPiano: A New Egocentric Hand Action Dataset Oriented Towards Augmented Reality Applications
* Fusion of Multi-view Tissue Classification Based on Wound 3D Model
* Grassmannian Representation of Motion Depth for 3D Human Gesture and Action Recognition
* Heterogeneous hand gesture recognition using 3D dynamic skeletal data
* Learning shape variations of motion trajectories for gait analysis
* Motion segment decomposition of RGB-D sequences for human behavior understanding
* PhyDAA: Physiological Dataset Assessing Attention
* Place Recognition via 3D Modeling for Personal Activity Lifelog Using Wearable Camera
* Skeleton-Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
* Space-Time Pose Representation for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Transformer based Architecture for Attention Estimation from EEG
* STr-GCN: Dual Spatial Graph Convolutional Network and Transformer Graph Encoder for 3D Hand Gesture Recognition
* Survey on Style in 3D Human Body Motion: Taxonomy, Data, Recognition and Its Applications
Includes: Wannous, H.[Hazem] Wannous, H.
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