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Yuksek, G.[Gokturk] Co Author Listing * My Face My Choice: Privacy Enhancing Deepfakes for Social Media Anonymization

Yuksekgonul, M.[Mert] Co Author Listing * Pretraining boosts out-of-domain robustness for pose estimation
Includes: Yuksekgonul, M.[Mert] Yüksekgönül, M.[Mert] (Maybe also Yueksekgoenuel, M.)

Yuksel, A. Co Author Listing * Hand vein biometry based on geometry and appearance methods

Yuksel, A.E.[Atif Emre] Co Author Listing * Graph2Pix: A Graph-Based Image to Image Translation Framework

Yuksel, B. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Arbitrarily Shaped Buildings in Complex Environments From Monocular VHR Optical Satellite Imagery
* Exploiting Shadow Evidence and Iterative Graph-Cuts for Efficient Detection of Buildings in Complex Environments
* Multi-spectral False Color Shadow Detection
* RGB-D Object Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Towards Automated Forensic Pen Ink Verification by Spectral Analysis
Includes: Yuksel, B. Yüksel, B.[Baris] (Maybe also Yueksel, B.)Yüksel, B. (Maybe also Yueksel, B.)Yüksel, B.[Benjamin] (Maybe also Yueksel, B.)

Yuksel, C.[Cem] Co Author Listing * detailed study of ray tracing performance: Render time and energy cost, A
* Fast Occlusion Sweeping

Yuksel, K.A.[Kamer Ali] Co Author Listing * Decision Forest Based Feature Selection Framework for Action Recognition from RGB-Depth Cameras, A
* Real-time feature-based image morphing for memory-efficient impostor rendering and animation on GPU
Includes: Yuksel, K.A.[Kamer Ali] Yüksel, K.A.[Kamer Ali] (Maybe also Yueksel, K.A.)

Yuksel, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Selection of Parameters for Vessel/Neurite Segmentation Algorithms
* Information-Theoretic Feature Selection for Human Micro-Doppler Signature Classification
* Toward Enabling Next-Generation Societal Virtual Reality Applications for Virtual Human Teleportation: A novel future system concept and computation-communication-signal representation trade-offs
Includes: Yuksel, M. Yuksel, M.[Melda] Yuksel, M.[Murat]

Yuksel, M.E. Co Author Listing * hybrid neuro-fuzzy filter for edge preserving restoration of images corrupted by impulse noise, A
* Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Filter for Detail-Preserving Restoration of Digital Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise, A
Includes: Yuksel, M.E. Yüksel, M.E.[M. Emin] (Maybe also Yueksel, M.E.)

Yuksel, O.K.[Oguz Kaan] Co Author Listing * LatentCLR: A Contrastive Learning Approach for Unsupervised Discovery of Interpretable Directions
* Semantic Perturbations with Normalizing Flows for Improved Generalization
Includes: Yuksel, O.K.[Oguz Kaan] Yüksel, O.K.[Oguz Kaan] (Maybe also Yueksel, O.K.)

Yuksel, S.[Suleyman] Co Author Listing * Traffic accident risk analysis based on relation of Common Route Models

Yuksel, S.E.[Seniha Esen] Co Author Listing * Fully-connected semantic segmentation of hyperspectral and LiDAR data
* in-depth analysis of hyperspectral target detection with shadow compensation via LiDAR, An
* Level Set Segmentation Using Statistical Shape Priors
* MAP-Based Approach for Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution, A
* Multiple-Instance Hidden Markov Models With Applications to Landmine Detection
* Variational Mixture of Experts for Classification with Applications to Landmine Detection
Includes: Yuksel, S.E.[Seniha Esen] Yuksel, S.E.[Seniha E.] Yuksel, S.E.

Yuksela, S.[Seniha] Co Author Listing * Image Analysis of Renal DCE MRI for the Detection of Acute Renal Rejection

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