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Zepeda Nunez, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * High-Frequency Limit of the Inverse Scattering Problem: Asymptotic Convergence from Inverse Helmholtz to Inverse Liouville
Includes: Zepeda Nunez, L.[Leonardo] Zepeda-Nunez, L.[Leonardo]

Zepeda, J.[Joaquin] Co Author Listing * Approximate Search with Quantized Sparse Representations
* Exemplar SVMs as visual feature encoders
* Feature Learning for the Image Retrieval Task
* Kernel Square-Loss Exemplar Machines for Image Retrieval
* Learning a Complete Image Indexing Pipeline
* Learning the Structure of Deep Architectures Using L1 Regularization
* Maximum Margin Linear Classifiers in Unions of Subspaces
* Pose and Expression-Coherent Face Recovery in the Wild
* Scalable Object-Based Video Retrieval in HD Video Databases
* SPLeaP: Soft Pooling of Learned Parts for Image Classification
* SuBiC: A Supervised, Structured Binary Code for Image Search
* Supervised learning of low-rank transforms for image retrieval
* Towards Total Recall in Industrial Anomaly Detection
* Transfer learning via attributes for improved on-the-fly classification
Includes: Zepeda, J.[Joaquin] Zepeda, J.
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Zepeda, J.A.Y.[Jose Alonso Ybanez] Co Author Listing * linear estimation method for 3D pose and facial animation tracking, A
* Local or Global 3D Face and Facial Feature Tracker
* Proxy Clouds for Live RGB-D Stream Processing and Consolidation

Zepernick, H.J.[Hans Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Analysing inter-observer saliency variations in task-free viewing of natural images
* Comparative Study of Fixation Density Maps
* framework for error protection of region of interest coded images and videos, A
* Human observer confidence in image quality assessment
* No-reference image and video quality assessment: A classification and review of recent approaches
* Pareto optimal weighting of structural impairments for wireless imaging quality assessment
* Psychophysical assessment of perceived interest in natural images: The ROI-D database
* Reduced-reference metric design for objective perceptual quality assessment in wireless imaging
* Utilising objective perceptual image quality metrics for implicit link adaptation
* Visual Attention in Quality Assessment
Includes: Zepernick, H.J.[Hans Jurgen] Zepernick, H.J.[Hans-Jürgen] Zepernick, H.J. Zepernick, H.J.[Hans-Jurgen]
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