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Zink, E. Co Author Listing * Contour line and geographic feature extraction from USGS color topographical paper maps

Zink, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Bistatic system and baseline calibration in TanDEM-X to ensure the global digital elevation model quality
* Fully Automatic Algorithm for Editing the TanDEM-X Global DEM, A
* Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model
* Independent System Calibration of Sentinel-1B
* Interferometric Alignment of the X-SAR Antenna System on the Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
* Radiometric Performance of the TerraSAR-X Mission over More Than Ten Years of Operation
* Scalable 360 Video Stream Delivery: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities
* Tandem-X Mission: Overview, Status and Outlook
* TanDEM-X: A Satellite Formation for High-Resolution SAR Interferometry
* Watching user generated videos with prefetching
Includes: Zink, M.[Manfred] Zink, M.
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Zink, W. Co Author Listing * Real-time Active Shape Models for Face Segmentation

Zinke Wehlmann, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Geo-L: Topological Link Discovery for Geospatial Linked Data Made Easy
Includes: Zinke Wehlmann, C.[Christian] Zinke-Wehlmann, C.[Christian]

Zinke, A.[Arno] Co Author Listing * Photo-Realistic Rendering of Blond Hair

Zinkiewicz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * JupyTEP IDE as an Online Tool for Earth Observation Data Processing

Zinkl, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of an Optical Biopsy Semantic Retrieval System, The

Zinkstok, R.[Roel] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Multi-metric Registration for Online Adaptive Proton Therapy of Prostate Cancer

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