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Zorn, C. Co Author Listing * Real-time markerless kinect based finger tracking and hand gesture recognition for HCI

Zorn, E.U.[Edgar U.] Co Author Listing * Satellite Radar and Camera Time Series Reveal Transition from Aligned to Distributed Crater Arrangement during the 2021 Eruption of Cumbre Vieja, La Palma (Spain)

Zorner, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Mapping Physiognomic Types of Indigenous Forest using Space-Borne SAR, Optical Imagery and Air-borne LiDAR
Includes: Zorner, J.[Jan] Zörner, J.[Jan] (Maybe also Zoerner, J.)

Zornetzer, S. Co Author Listing * BEES: exploring Mars with bioinspired technologies

Zornoza Indart, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Digitization of Complex Exhibition Items (mounted Skeletons Of Dinosaurs) and Generation of Virtual Replicas for Biomechanical Studies
Includes: Zornoza Indart, A. Zornoza-Indart, A.

Zornoza, J.M.J.[Jose Miguel Juan] Co Author Listing * Impacts of the Ionospheric Observable and Mathematical Model on the Global Ionosphere Model, The
Includes: Zornoza, J.M.J.[Jose Miguel Juan] Zornoza, J.M.J.[José Miguel Juan]

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