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CLVision20 * *Continual Learning in Computer Vision
* CatNet: Class Incremental 3D ConvNets for Lifelong Egocentric Gesture Recognition
* Cognitively-Inspired Model for Incremental Learning Using a Few Examples
* Continual Learning for Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
* Continual Learning of Object Instances
* Continual Reinforcement Learning in 3D Non-stationary Environments
* Dropout as an Implicit Gating Mechanism For Continual Learning
* Few-shot Image Recognition for UAV Sports Cinematography
* Generalized Class Incremental Learning
* Generating Accurate Pseudo Examples for Continual Learning
* Generative Feature Replay For Class-Incremental Learning
* Lifelong Machine Learning with Deep Streaming Linear Discriminant Analysis
* M2SGD: Learning to Learn Important Weights
* Noise-based Selection of Robust Inherited Model for Accurate Continual Learning
* Reducing catastrophic forgetting with learning on synthetic data
* Rehearsal-Free Continual Learning over Small Non-I.I.D. Batches
* Relationship Matters: Relation Guided Knowledge Transfer for Incremental Learning of Object Detectors
* StackNet: Stacking feature maps for Continual learning
* Stream-51: Streaming Classification and Novelty Detection from Videos
* What is Happening Inside a Continual Learning Model?: A Representation-Based Evaluation of Representational Forgetting
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