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HBU14 * *Human Behavior Understanding
* Coupling Fall Detection and Tracking in Omnidirectional Cameras
* Dominant Motion Analysis in Regular and Irregular Crowd Scenes
* Dyadic Interaction Detection from Pose and Flow
* How Do You Like Your Virtual Agent?: Human-Agent Interaction Experience through Nonverbal Features and Personality Traits
* Human Involvement in E-Coaching: Effects on Effectiveness, Perceived Influence and Trust
* Just the Way You Chat: Linking Personality, Style and Recognizability in Chats
* Learning Sparse Prototypes for Crowd Perception via Ensemble Coding Mechanisms
* New Multi-modal Dataset for Human Affect Analysis, A
* Role of Color and Contrast in Facial Age Estimation, The
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HBU15 * *Human Behavior Understanding

HBU16 * *Human Behavior Understanding
* Anomaly Detection in Elderly Daily Behavior in Ambient Sensing Environments
* Assessing Affective Dimensions of Play in Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy via Text Analysis
* Convoy Detection in Crowded Surveillance Videos
* EmoGame: Towards a Self-Rewarding Methodology for Capturing Children Faces in an Engaging Context
* First Impressions: Predicting User Personality from Twitter Profile Images
* Human Behavior Analysis from Smartphone Data Streams
* Multimodal Detection of Engagement in Groups of Children Using Rank Learning
* Sign Language Recognition for Assisting the Deaf in Hospitals
* Spatio-Temporal Detection of Fine-Grained Dyadic Human Interactions
* Using the Audio Respiration Signal for Multimodal Discrimination of Expressive Movement Qualities
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HBU18 * *Human Behavior Understanding
* Deep Multitask Gaze Estimation with a Constrained Landmark-Gaze Model
* Filling the Gaps: Predicting Missing Joints of Human Poses Using Denoising Autoencoders
* Generating Synthetic Video Sequences by Explicitly Modeling Object Motion
* Give Ear to My Face: Modelling Multimodal Attention to Social Interactions
* Human Action Recognition Based on Temporal Pose CNN and Multi-dimensional Fusion
* Investigating Depth Domain Adaptation for Efficient Human Pose Estimation
* Photorealistic Facial Synthesis in the Dimensional Affect Space
* Pose Guided Human Image Synthesis by View Disentanglement and Enhanced Weighting Loss
* Rendering Realistic Subject-Dependent Expression Images by Learning 3DMM Deformation Coefficients
* Residual Stacked RNNs for Action Recognition
* Role of Group Level Affect to Find the Most Influential Person in Images
* Semi-supervised Data Augmentation Approach Using 3D Graphical Engines, A
* Semi-supervised Deep Generative Model for Human Body Analysis, A
* Towards Learning a Realistic Rendering of Human Behavior
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HBU19 * *Human Behavior Understanding
* Attributes Preserving Face De-Identification
* Dance Dance Generation: Motion Transfer for Internet Videos
* Deepfake Video Detection through Optical Flow Based CNN
* Facial Pose Estimation by Deep Learning from Label Distributions
* FakeTalkerDetect: Effective and Practical Realistic Neural Talking Head Detection with a Highly Unbalanced Dataset
* Falls Prediction Based on Body Keypoints and Seq2Seq Architecture
* Fitting, Comparison, and Alignment of Trajectories on Positive Semi-Definite Matrices with Application to Action Recognition
* Instantaneous Accuracy: a Novel Metric for the Problem of Online Human Behaviour Recognition in Untrimmed Videos, The
* Measuring Crowd Collectiveness via Global Motion Correlation
* Neighbourhood Context Embeddings in Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Predicting Pedestrian Motion Over Long Time Horizons
* Pose and Expression Robust Age Estimation via 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Robust Cloth Warping via Multi-Scale Patch Adversarial Loss for Virtual Try-On Framework
* Temporal Accumulative Features for Sign Language Recognition
* Uncertainty-Aware Anticipation of Activities
* Voice Activity Detection by Upper Body Motion Analysis and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Weakly-Supervised Completion Moment Detection using Temporal Attention
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