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ISPDSA83 * *Image Sequence Processing and Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Adaptive Gradient Approach to Displacement Estimation, An
* Analysis of Different Displacement Estimation Algorithms for Digital Television Signals
* Aspects of Dynamic Scene Analysis in Meteorology
* Atmospheric Disturbances Tracking in Satellite Images
* Classification and Block Coding of the Frame Difference Signal
* Coding of Colour TV Signals with 34 MBit/s Transmission Rate
* Comparative Study Between Intra and Interframe Predictions Schemes
* Comparison of Feature Operators for Use in Matching Image Pairs
* Control of an Unstable Plant by Computer Vision
* Determining 3-D Motion and Structure of a Rigid Body Using Straight Line Correspondence
* Differential Method for Image Motion Estimation, The
* Displacement Estimation for Objects on Moving Background
* Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Edges in Visual Scenes and Sequences: Application to Filtering, Sampling, and Adaptive DPCM Coding
* Fast Edge Detection Algorithm Matching Visual Contour Perception, A
* Histograms of Image Sequence Spectra
* Image Segmentation Considering Properties of the Human Visual System
* Image Sequence Coding Using Scene Analysis and Spatio-Temporal Interpolation
* Image Sequence Processing and Pattern Recognition of Bio-Medical Pictures
* Kalman Filtering of Image Sequences
* Linear Filtering in Image Sequences
* Model Based Analysis of Scintigraphic Image Sequences of the Human Heart
* Motion Estimation in a Sequence of Television Pictures
* Motion Parameter Estimation in TV Pictures
* Movement Compensated Interframe Prediction for NTSC Color TV Signals
* Narrow-Band Video Communication System for the Transmission of Sign Language over Ordinary Telephone Lines, A
* On the Selection of Critical Points and Local Curvature Extrema of Region Boundaries for Interframe Matching
* Overview on Image Sequence Analysis
* Photometric Stereo for Moving Images
* Pre-Processor for the Real-Time Interpretation of Dynamic Scenes, A
* Processing and Analysis of Radiographic Image Sequences
* Progress in Image Processing Languages
* Real-Time Processing of Rasterscan Images
* Recursive Motion Compensation: A Review
* Rule-Based System for Characterizing Blood Cell Motion, A
* Three Dimensional Imaging from Computed Tomograms
* Track Acquisition of Subpixel Targets
* Two Motion Adaptive Interframe Coding Techniques for Air to Ground Video Signals
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