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PATRECH20 * *Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Cultural Heritage
* Abstracting Stone Walls for Visualization and Analysis
* Ancoins: Image-based Automated Identification of Ancient Coins Through Transfer Learning Approaches
* Can Openpose Be Used as a 3d Registration Method for 3d Scans of Cultural Heritage Artifacts
* Comparison of Character-based Neural Machine Translations Techniques Applied to Spelling Normalization, A
* Contextual Approach for Coastal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Enhancing, A
* Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for the Handwritten Text Recognition of Historical Greek Manuscripts, A
* Deep Learning Spatial-spectral Processing of Hyperspectral Images for Pigment Mapping of Cultural Heritage Artifacts
* Handwriting Classification of Byzantine Codices via Geometric Transformations Induced by Curvature Deformations
* Mccnet: Multi-color Cascade Network with Weight Transfer for Single Image Depth Prediction on Outdoor Relief Images
* Papyrow: A Dataset of Row Images from Ancient Greek Papyri for Writers Identification
* Quaternion Generative Adversarial Networks for Inscription Detection in Byzantine Monuments
* Recommender System for Digital Storytelling: A Novel Approach to Enhance Cultural Heritage
* Simultaneous Detection of Regular Patterns in Ancient Manuscripts Using Gan-based Deep Unsupervised Segmentation
* Stone-by-stone Segmentation for Monitoring Large Historical Monuments Using Deep Neural Networks
* Stylistic Classification of Historical Violins: A Deep Learning Approach
* Subjective Assessments of Legibility in Ancient Manuscript Images: The Salami Dataset
* Survey on Deep Learning-based Kuzushiji Recognition
* Text Line Extraction Using Fully Convolutional Network and Energy Minimization
* Transfer Learning Methods for Extracting, Classifying and Searching Large Collections of Historical Images and Their Captions
* Two-stage Unsupervised Deep Learning Framework for Degradation Removal in Ancient Documents, A
* Underground Archaeology: Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Hypogeum of Crispia Salvia (Marsala, Italy)
* Using Graph Neural Networks to Reconstruct Ancient Documents
* Visual Programming-based Interactive Analysis of Ancient Documents: The Case of Magical Signs in Jewish Manuscripts
* Weakly Supervised Bounding Box Extraction for Unlabeled Data in Table Detection
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