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RA(5) * Calibration of Wrist-Mounted Robotic Sensors by Solving Homogeneous Transform Equations of the Form Ax = Xb
* Dynamic Sensing in a Ping-Pong Playing Robot
* General Photogrammetric Method for Determining Object Position and Orientation, A
* Hierarchical Strategy for Path Planning Among Moving Obstacles, A
* Integration of Active and Passive Sensing Techniques for Representing Three-Dimensional Objects
* Maintaining Representations of the Environment of a Mobile Robot
* Mathematical Transforms and Correlation Techniques for Object Recognition Using Tactile Data
* Motion Planning in a Plane Using Generalized Voronoi Diagrams
* New Technique for Fully Autonomous and Efficient 3D Robotics Hand/Eye Calibration, A
* Planning Sensing Strategies in Robot Work Cell with Multi-Sensor Capabilities
* Pseudo-Interferometric Laser Range Finder for Robot Applications, A
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Surfaces from Two-Dimensional Binary Images
* Shape Matching Utilizing Indexed Hypothesis Generation and Testing
* Solving Jigsaw Puzzles by a Robot
* Special Issue on Sensor-Based Planning and Control in Robotics
* Stereo Vision and Navigation in Buildings for Mobile Robots
* Vision-Guided Servoing with Feature-Based Trajectory Generation
* Visual Estimation of 3-D Line Segments from Motion: A Mobile Robot Vision System
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