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Restoration14 * *New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
* Feature-Preserving Image Restoration from Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Image Enhancement by Gradient Distribution Specification
* Image Interpolation Based on Weighted and Blended Rational Function
* Multi-view Image Restoration from Plenoptic Raw Images
* On the Choice of Tensor Estimation for Corner Detection, Optical Flow and Denoising
* Two-Step Image Inpainting Algorithm Using Tensor SVD, A
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Restoration18 * *New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
* 2D-3D CNN Based Architectures for Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* Attribute Augmented Convolutional Neural Network for Face Hallucination
* ComboGAN: Unrestrained Scalability for Image Domain Translation
* Cycle-Dehaze: Enhanced CycleGAN for Single Image Dehazing
* Deep Residual Network with Enhanced Upscaling Module for Super-Resolution
* DPW-SDNet: Dual Pixel-Wavelet Domain Deep CNNs for Soft Decoding of JPEG-Compressed Images
* Efficient Module Based Single Image Super Resolution for Multiple Problems
* Fully End-to-End Learning Based Conditional Boundary Equilibrium GAN with Receptive Field Sizes Enlarged for Single Ultra-High Resolution Image Dehazing
* Fully Progressive Approach to Single-Image Super-Resolution, A
* High-Resolution Image Dehazing with Respect to Training Losses and Receptive Field Sizes
* HSCNN+: Advanced CNN-Based Hyperspectral Recovery from RGB Images
* Image Dehazing by Joint Estimation of Transmittance and Airlight Using Bi-Directional Consistency Loss Minimized FCN
* Image Super-Resolution via Progressive Cascading Residual Network
* IRGUN: Improved Residue Based Gradual Up-Scaling Network for Single Image Super Resolution
* Large Receptive Field Networks for High-Scale Image Super-Resolution
* Learning Face Deblurring Fast and Wide
* Multi-level Wavelet-CNN for Image Restoration
* Multi-Scale Single Image Dehazing Using Perceptual Pyramid Deep Network
* New Techniques for Preserving Global Structure and Denoising with Low Information Loss in Single-Image Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Image Dehazing: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* O-HAZE: A Dehazing Benchmark with Real Hazy and Haze-Free Outdoor Images
* Persistent Memory Residual Network for Single Image Super Resolution
* Reconstructing Spectral Images from RGB-Images Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Recursive Deep Residual Learning for Single Image Dehazing
* Synthesized Texture Quality Assessment via Multi-scale Spatial and Statistical Texture Attributes of Image and Gradient Magnitude Coefficients
* Unsupervised Image Super-Resolution Using Cycle-in-Cycle Generative Adversarial Networks
* WESPE: Weakly Supervised Photo Enhancer for Digital Cameras
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