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SCTV01 * *Workshop on Statistical and Computational Theories of Vision
* Asymptotically Admissible Texture Synthesis
* Bethe free energy, Kikuchi approximations, and belief propagation algorithms
* Complex statistics of high contrast patches in natural images, The
* Constructing Structures of Facial Identities on the View Sphere Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis
* Double-Loop Algorithm to Minimize the Bethe and Kikuchi Free Energies, A
* Efficient Computation of Kernel Density Estimation using Fast Gauss Transform with Applications for segmentation and tracking
* From Markov Random Fields to Associative Memories and Back: Spin Glass Markov Random Fields
* G-factors: Relating Distributions on Features to Distributions on Images
* Generative Model for Image Contours: A Completely Characterized Non-Gaussian Joint Distribution, A
* Robust Real Time Object Detection
* Sparse Coding in Practice
* Surface Reflectance Estimation and Natural Illumination Statistics
* Template Learning from Atomic Representations: A Wavelet Based Approach to Pattern Analysis
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SCTV99 * *Workshop on Statistical and Computational Theories of Vision
* Texture Modeling and Synthesis using Joint Statistics of Complex Wavelet Coefficients

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