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SIG11 * *International Workshop on Stochastic Image Grammars
* evolution of stochastic grammars for representation and recognition of activities in videos, The
* Human parsing using stochastic and-or grammars and rich appearances
* Information theoretic methods for learning generative models for relational structures
* Interactive learning of human activities using active video composition
* Learning and the language of thought
* Modeling symmetries for stochastic structural recognition
* Object detection grammars
* ontology for generating descriptions about natural outdoor scenes, An
* PEL-CNF: Probabilistic event logic conjunctive normal form for video interpretation
* Stochastic models for semantic parsing, multi-faceted topic discovery, and causal event inference: Perspectives from natural language processing
* Sum-product networks: A new deep architecture
* Towards coherent natural language description of video streams
* Unsupervised learning of stochastic AND-OR templates for object modeling
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