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SP(2) * Automation of Chromosome Analysis
* Component-Wise Edge Detection by Laplacian Operator Masks
* New Method for Grey-Level Picture Thresholding Using the Entropy of the Histogram, A
* Specialized Edge-Trackers for Contour Extraction and Line-Thinning
* Texture Analysis: A Survey

SP(20) * Automated basin delineation from digital elevation models using mathematical morphology
* Improved restoration of noisy images by adaptive least-squares post filtering
* Recursive subband image coding with adaptive prediction and finite state vector quantization

SP(21) * Adaptive image compression using Karhunen-Loeve transform
* Discrete Gabor expansions
* Gabor Phase in Texture Discrimination
* Parallel Distance Transforms on Pyramid Machines: Theory and Implementation
* Quantative Evaluation of Edge-Preserving Smoothing Techniques, A
* reduced edge distortion median filtering algorithm for binary images, A

SP(22) * Block coding for television at 34 Mbit/s
* dynamic shape preserving thinning algorithms, A
* Minimal Match Graph and its Use to Speed Identification of Maximal Cliques, The
* Morphological transformations of binary images with arbitrary structuring elements
* Pixel labelling for 3-D scenes based on Markov mesh models
* pyramid image coder using classified transform vector quantization, A
* Range imaging for autonomous navigation of robotic land vehicles
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SP(23) * Texture Features Based on Gabor Phase

SP(24) * new image compression method using dynamic predictor based on current context, A

SP(25) * Contour-Based Image Coding Technique with its Texture Information Reconstructed by Polyline Representation, A
* Image interpolation based on variational principles
* Morphological shape and region description

SP(26) * Low-rate sequence image coding via vector quantization
* Mathematical Morphology on L-Images
* Multiobjective optimization approach to image reconstruction from projections
* Optical modeling of mathematical morphology: A link between convolution of images, dilation and erosion
* skimming technique for fast accurate edge detection, A
* Statistical analysis of scale-space
* Texture segmentation based on a hierarchical Markov random field model
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SP(27) * Behavioral object recognition from multiple image frames
* Image reconstruction on hypercube computers: Application to electron microscopy
* Volumetric reconstruction from object silhouettes: A regularization procedure

SP(29) * Estimation of Optimal Morphological TAU-opening Parameters Based on Independent Observation of Signal and Noise Pattern Spectra
* Frequency and Orientation Sensitive Texture Measures Using Linear Symmetry

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