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SP(3) * Computer Recognition of Handwritten Hebrew Characters
* Contour Filling for Region Extraction
* Contour Processing in Visual Pattern Recognition. Application in Robotics
* Note on the Computation of the Enclosed Area for Contour-Coded Binary Objects, A
* Thinning Transform for Digital Images, A

SP(30) * Motion detection using image histogram sequence analysis

SP(31) * Image analysis with 2-D continuous wavelet transform
* Supervised Segmentation Using a Multiresolution Data Representation

SP(32) * Combining occluded surface boundaries
* Determination of road directions using feedback neural nets
* Hand Line Drawing Interpretation as Three-Dimensional Object
* Knowledge-based segmentation and state-based control in image analysis: Two examples from the biomedical domain
* Knowledge-based understanding of signals: An introduction
* Part segmentation of slice data using regularity
* Principles and Techniques for Sensor Data Fusion
* procedure of reading mechanical engineering drawings for CAD applications, A
* System for an intelligent office document analysis, recognition and description
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SP(34) * Adaptive vector quantization for fixed bit-rate video coding
* Gray-scale granulometries compatible with spatial scalings
* Image compression using block pattern-vector quantization

SP(35) * Historical development of use of dynamical models for the representation of knowledge about real world processes in machine vision
* Historical development of use of dynamical models for the representation of knowledge about real world processes in machine vision: Response
* Image analysis with 2-D continuous wavelet transform
* Image Sequence Analysis for Counting in Real Time People Getting in and out of a Bus

SP(37) * Detecting lines in gray level images using search techniques

SP(38) * 3-D morphological segmentation and motion estimation for image sequences
* Computational mathematical morphology
* Digital skeletons in Euclidean and geodesic spaces
* Morphological Filtering: An overview
* Morphological multiscale segmentation for image coding
* Morphological Reduction of Skeleton Redundancy
* Morphological Segmentation Applied to Displaced Frame Difference Coding
* Morphological Signal Processing and the Slope Transform
* On the construction of morphological operators which are self-dual and activity-extensive
* Topographic Distance and Watershed Lines
* Watershed of a continuous function
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SP(39) * Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Fast Median Filtering of Image Data with a Huge Number of Levels, A
* Objective and quantitative segmentation evaluation and comparison
* OFDM for digital TV broadcasting
* Optimal filters for the generation of multiresolution sequences

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