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8212 * Block Segmentation and Text Extraction in Mixed Text/Image Documents
* Computational Stereo
* Computer Vision Techniques for Industrial Applications and Robot Control
* Effective Way to Represent Quadtrees, An
* False-Contour Removal by Random Blurring
* Generalized Distance Transformation of a Line Pattern with Grey Values and Its Application, A
* Gray Level Corner Detection
* Linear Octtrees for Fast Processing of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Measuring Curved Surfaces for Robot Vision
* Model for Cell Receptive Fields in the Visual Striate Cortex, A
* Multispectral Approach to Remote Detection of Deer, A
* Non-Maximum Suppression of Gradient Magnitudes Makes Them Easier to Threshold
* Optical Character Reading System
* Pattern Recognition for Automatic Visual Inspection
* Phoenix Image Segmentation System: Description and Evaluation, The
* Research Directions in Industrial Machine Vision: A Workshop Summary
* Robotics and Automation
* Shaded picture signal processing system and method
* Vector Code Probability and Metrication Error in the Representation of Straight Lines of Finite Length
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