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8307 * Application of the Conditional Population-Mixture Model to Image Segmentation
* Closed-Form Extension of the Anharmonic Ratio to N-Space
* Decision Making in Context
* Depth-First Picture Expression Viewed from Digital Picture Processing
* Digital video compression system and methods utilizing scene adaptive coding with rate buffer feedback
* Edge Detection Using Sliding Statistical Tests
* Facsimile-Based Editing System by Auxiliary Mark Recognition, A
* Hierarchical Data Structure for Multidimensional Digital Images, A
* Hybrid Optical-Digital Image Processing Method for Surface Inspection, A
* Image Design: Generation of a Prescribed Image at the Output of a Band-Limited System
* Image Thresholding for Optical Character Recognition and Other Applications Requiring Character Image Extraction
* Integrated Algorithm for Text Recognition: Comparison with a Cascaded Algorithm, An
* Method of reproducing a picture having improved resolution
* Object Recognition Using Three-Dimensional Information
* Operating System Interface for Transportable Image Processing Software, An
* Parallel Syntactic Thinning by Recoding of Binary Pictures
* Processor-Based OCR System, A
* Pseudodistance Measures for Recognition of Curved Objects
* Quantitative Evaluation of Some Edge Preserving Noise Smoothing Techniques
* Radar CFAR Thresholding in Clutter and Multiple Target Situations
* Some Features of Visual Form
* Stanford Cart and the CME Rover, The
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